Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Reese Witherspoon has great style. Or is she styled by someone else? Rachel Zoe helps celebs pack for trips choosing daily outfits and accessories to keep them looking red carpet glam.

I have a feeling Julia Roberts chooses her own clothes. I love her shirt, Im a sucker for anything embroidered.

Halle Berry's daughter. She is adorable but did we expect anythng less?

Pam Anderson with her son. He looks just like her! I'd love to see her with a short hair do, something flirty and cute.

Katie Holmes and her denim revolution continue...I'd totally wear that grandma shirt but not paired with the cardigan. I would accessorize with a long funky necklace. Her coif is growing on me.

Diane Kruger looks like a Greek goddess must be so fun to dress up in a fancy gown and get your makeup done and head someplace other than Red Robin, Olive Garden or Chilis.
Claire Danes' dress is really neat. Besides embroidered pieces, I love vintage looking shirts and dresses. I'm giving her two thumbs up for the dress but a zero for the hair style. A low bun and vintage clip would have been beautiful.
Wow, a rare smile from a normally grumpy looking Jessica Biel.

Christie Brinkley and daughter Alexa Joel. I think Alexa is super cute, she has a look all her own.

I'm still not sure about the name Jessica Alba chose: Honor. I see that as a fifty year old secretary with a bouffant hairdo. But I am sure about Cash Warren's clothing choices: he is reliving the greatest era in fashion, the 1980's. All that is missing is the flicked up collar and Ray Ban knock-offs. Nice docksiders!

Friday, August 29, 2008

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness

You know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so feel free to check your boobies and take care of yourself anytime, not just October. A while back, I had a terrible scare with breast cancer beginning during the month of October and finally ended with surgery a few months later. Companies like the ones below are raising money for this cause and its worthwhile for you to check out what's available in support of Breast Cancer, a terrible disease but one that is preventable if you take care of yourself and do your monthly exams.

Annick Goutal Rose Absolue
In October, Annick Goutal perfumery honors Annick Goutal who passed away from breast cancer with Rose Absolue perfume. Pure, elegant, unassuming and feminine; Rose Absolue is the absolute essence of a rose. A single-flower fragrance that brings together the rarest roses from East and West; the Bulgarian, Turkish, Damask, May, Egyptian and Moroccan rose. During the month of October, Annick Goutal will donate 30% of Rose Absolue sales to Breast Cancer research. Price: $140 for 1.7oz Eau de Parfum Spray, Available at Saks.

DuWop Pink Shimmer Brick
DuWop’s limited edition Pink Shimmer Brick is extremely versatile and can be dusted over bare skin for just a hint of shimmer that catches the light and brightens the complexion. The silvery pink hues in the shimmer brick can help even out the skin tone, hide imperfections, and illuminate the skin. DuWop proudly supports by donating 20% of proceeds from the shimmer brick to the Cosmetic Executive Women Cancer and Careers Foundation. DuWop’s Pink Shimmer Brick is also housed in a sleeve bearing the names of many women who have been affected by breast cancer. Price: $18 available at

DuWop LipLingo Pink
Liplingo Pink is a sleek lip palette containing a rose lipstick and four wonderful ways to top it: a subtle gold frost, a pale pink shimmer gloss, a rich pink sherbet tone with sparkle and a pink tinged clear balm with a high shine. DuWop has joined in the fight to support research by donating 20% of proceeds from Liplingo Pink to breast cancer research and the betterment of women living with cancer. Price: $32, Available at

philosophy she colors my day
bath product benefiting the entertainment industry foundation’s women’s cancer research fund. philosophy is proud to launch the she colors my day high-foaming green bubble bath to celebrate the bond between mothers and daughters and help give back to a very worthwhile cause. philosophy will donate 100% of its net proceeds from the sale of the she colors my day bath product to the entertainment industry foundation’s women’s cancer research fund, an organization dedicated to developing an early detection biomarker test so that women’s cancers can be detected years before current tests allow. she colors my day has been created for the sole purpose of creating a cure for mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends around the world. price: $20 for 16 oz., Available exclusively at

philosophy shower for the cure
shower for the cure is philosophy's pink ribbon shower gel - a creamy all-in-one formula that can be used as a shampoo, shower gel or bubble bath. this long-time philosophy favorite contains a touch of milk proteins and fruit essences to provide a delightful experience for your senses. shower for the cure represents the spirit of every woman and 100% of the philosophy net proceeds from the shower for the cure is donated to the Women's Cancer Research Fund.
Price: $20.00, available at

Darphin Predermine Wrinkle Corrective Serum
Darphin honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Predermine Wrinkle Corrective Serum, part of the collection of Predermine age-defying formulas. This pale pink-colored bottle contains a concentrated, innovative serum that instantly absorbs into skin. Developed to visibly reduce the prominence of wrinkles, this serum delivers dramatically smoother and more youthfully supple skin. Darphin North America will donate $20.00 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for EVERY Predermine Wrinkle Corrective Serum sold during the month of October
Price: $205, Available at

Airplus for Here Aloe Infused Socks

These cozy, comfy socks are the perfect relaxation accessory. Use it to retain hydration from home pedicures or while lounging around the house. Part of all proceeds go to Breast Cancer research. Price: $4.99, Available at

Kate’s Paperie Gianna Rose Atelier Scented Soaps
Scented with Fresh-Linen, four French-milled soaps embossed with a pink ribbon, the symbol of hope, come nestled in a beautiful gift box. Benefits the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation - 15% of the proceeds from the sale of the product will be donated.
Price: $32.00, Available at

Hildago Ring and Bangle
Show support for breast cancer awareness with a daily reminder. Hidalgo’s breast cancer ring and bangle, made from enamel and 18k gold, is something a woman can hold onto and cherish forever. Price: $688 for Bangle, $725 for ring (guards sold separately) For more information, please visit


Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Body Deli

I want to try one of everything from the Body Deli right now. The products look delicious and based on what I see and what I've tried, this stuff is made to order, fresh for you. Wholesome, natural and chemical free, what more could you want in your beauty products?

The Sage and Grapefruit Cleanser is smooth and creamy, it removes every trace of makeup and dirt without drying the sensitive skin on the face. My skin was left super clean and looking bright. And it smells wonderful!

The Sea Cucumber Gelee looks like freshly whipped green jello. I almost want it. But I didn't. This facial hydrator "feeds" your face with wrinkle fighting nutrients. "Certified Organic Aloe Vera is combined with skin toning Algae and nature's most potent moisturizer, hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind more than ten times its weight in moisture." Do you know what Hyaluronic Acid is? Read here.

I love patting this on after I've washed my face with the Sage and Grapefruit Cleanser. The only other product I use after applying this is my eye cream. When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks clean, clear and there is no filmy residue as with heavier lotions and creams. Being that this is a gel, maybe it sinks in to the skin better? I don't know but I like it.

You need to check out all the products that the Body Deli creates for the skin and body. I see several items that look like must-haves like the Enzyme Peel, Vital C Serum, Creme de la Rose, Rose Euphora aromas, Botanical Souffles...check out the Body Deli here.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008 IS a virus!

Oh dear! My computer is gone gone gone thanks to a virus called XP Anti-Virus 2008. Just google it and see for yourself how bad this is. Long story short, I thought it was a tool by microsoft to delete a virus that had somehow gotten onto my kids love to click those "Free Laptop! Click the dancing monkey!" ads that come on the screen so naturally I blamed them.

My husband diligently worked on the computer trying to delete, erase then bring the computer back to the factory settings with no luck. There is no getting rid of this thing. So now I'm working from a blank slate- my sons new computer. He is none too pleased that mom hijacked his computer.

It will take me some time to download the anti-virus stuff and find new photos and all that. I'm so upset, I could cry! Luckily I think I was able to download my screenplays and novels onto a back up file but I'm worried that might carry the virus!

Anyway, stay tuned...I have some excellent new products that I want to tell you about and I will be back in action within the next few days. Until then...use extreme caution on anything that happens to come on your screen and please download anti-viral software (which I did not have!).

Friday, August 22, 2008

File under FUN, Demeter Fragrance Library

I don't know how they do it but Demeter Fragrance Library hits the nail on the head each time with these delicious perfumes! Their newest is a collection of candy inspired scents like Dots, Junior Mints and Tootsie Roll.

The Dots cologne spray smells sweet and light, this is such a great summer scent. Junior Mints isn't sickly sweet rather the scent of mint is a nice compliment to the chocolate and the Tootsie Roll of course smells like chocolate. I think these are really fun scents! And very kid appropriate. My daughter always wants to use my perfumes and I have no problem if she heads to school carrying the scent of Dots!
This scent is wonderful. It's summer days and swimming, lounging in the sun-its a fragrance called Swimming, not a chlorine pool! Think of thick sun dried towels and fabric softener mixed with the scent of a sunny day and there you have the Swimming Pool cologne spray! This is one of my favorites. I am a sucker for a clean smell.


MAC Love...Starflash and Cult of Cherry

Starflash eyeshadows are soft, velvet smooth and blendable. I tried these three shades: Smoke & Diamonds- a deep frosty grayish shade, Lotusland- pinky-lavender, and TopHat-a blue purple. I like to combine all three of these shades, just layer and blend with a good eye shadow brush. Then I top with a sparkly Pigment and a generous dose of mascara.

Here is the entire Cult of Cherry collection. I tried out a few lipsticks- Creme Cerise (this is a good neutral for the day) and So Scarlet (darker neutral for evening).

The Mattene Lipcolor is void of shine, I like this kind of look paired with a very light lipliner for a precise lip. I tried the shade of Kirsch which is a deep reddish shade. Dramatic! The lipglass shade of Jampacked is a grape with a slight frosty tint.

Plum Du Bois blush is a plummy,deep pink shade. I love all of these plums and deep colors together. I just mixed my own nail polish color combining MAC's Nocturnelle with Rocker for a really deep blackish red.

And I've been turning my office and bathroom upside down looking for the silver nail lacquer called $$$$Yes. I cannot find it anywhere and this is causing great distress!Here is my latest cosmetic obsession, the Cult of Cherry MAC eye shadow quad in Tempting Eye. What makes this a standout for me is the green color, not a shade thats often found in eyeshadows. Other colors include: Tempting, Next to Nothing, Dark Edge and Sharp.

Keep in mind MAC is constantly introducing new products so check back on Hello Dollface of course but bookmark the MAC Cosmetics webpage. I go on there from time to time to see what's there, to dream a little and get ideas on how to apply my makeup. I'm seriously in love with this look at the moment.

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Daily Dollfaces

Eva Mendes looks cute and summery, love the dress. Not so much the bag with the dress.
YAY! Back together, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. After seeing The Notebook, I believe these two are just meant to be together.
Rumor has it that Rihanna is hurting for cash so should she really be shelling out top dolla for those ugly basket weave things that she's wearing? It's like a lanyard-basket-boot-sandal hybrid. I have two words for Rihanna's money troubles- Garage Sale.

Nicole's outfit is very Hollywood Power Agent Lesbian chic. Where's baby Sunday? I guess Nicole didn't hit a large pay day trying to sell the infant photos. It's all about the cold hard dollar, isn't it?

Speaking of baby pictures, its kind of strange to see Jennifer Garner without Violet! A sweater in August, in California? Really?

When I see pictures of Gisele Bunchen, I always berate myself for eating like a pig and not being able to grow my hair long. She's so tall and skinny and I love her long hair. I'd trade places with her in a heartbeat.

Kate Beckinsdale is looking mighty fine too. I refuse to wear bikini bottoms these days. I have a plethora of cute boardshorts instead.

Charlize Theron is gorgeous, stunning! And she rarely looks bad. In fact, here she looks beautiful of course. But those shoes....I can't figure out if those are tan lines or band aids or part of the shoe?

Why so sad? Because the top part of her dress is drooping probably. Anne Hathaway needs a lift!

Did you read all those reports of Ferris Bueller cheating on Carrie Bradshaw? Say it ain't so! Sidenote, I love the way they let their son dress in whatever he wants.

Face it, Heidi Klum has perfect bone structure. But she does appear a little skeletal in the face without make-up on. In my professional opinion, I'd advise her to gain about fifteen pounds to round out her cheeks.

Don't cry for her, Argentina. Jennifer Aniston will always have her dogs, her beach house and her highlighted hair, even if she's still single. And its only a matter of time before she's dating another singer/actor. She's now officially in rotation. I think its Jude Law's turn to date her now. Who else is there? George Clooney, Christian Slater, Dylan McDermott (as I keep saying they'd make a nice couple).

How about a nice older Jon Voight single? The ultimate revenge! Meet your new step- mom Angelina!

Nooooooooooooo! Jackie Warner and psycho exgirfriend, Mimi. Are they back together? I hope not. If you watch the BRAVO tv show Workout, you will know exactly why they shouldn't be together.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

altru by Gamillah Inc.

The altru collection from Gamillah is a of intoxicating luxury products with a socially conscious mission. But first I have to tell you about the soy candle because its sitting next to me and truly the scent is unbelievable. Night blooming jasmine combined with lilac and Asian bamboo. The candle isn't even lit and it smells so good! It comes in a hammered copper container and looks modern and sleek and beautiful. The packaging is like gorgeous wallpaper. Extremely elegant.

Now I can tell you about the altru collection. More than half the proceeds go to In A Perfect World Foundation and here is what its is all about:

altru is more than a collection of luxury fragrances. It is a commitment to social responsibility through its support of In a Perfect World, which aims to empower children to become compassionate and socially conscious leaders. By supporting altru, you embrace a cause that gives children a stronger voice in making our future more perfect!

Gamillah Inc. was started by Manuela Testolini (who was married to Prince, FYI) and there are two companies under the Gamillah umbrella, altru and Art of Life Productions, both benefiting charities. Here is a great article about Gamillah. She's socially conscious, extremely gorgeous, travels around the world and gives huge portions of money to charity? bravo! These amazing products are available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorfs and Henry Bendel. Check out the diffusers too!

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Anastasia's Brow Pen

Where has the week gone? My days have been flying by. I have been one hundred percent focused on my agent/manager search for my new novel and screenplay and suddenly it's Thursday!

I have a fabulous new product here from the Brow Queen of Beverly Hills, Anastasia. This Brow Pen is a long wearing stain that gives brows a natural look. The soft tip allows you to lightly fill in and shape brows while the stain keeps the look in place all day. You can easily layer applications if you need your brows darker.

The water based formula is a snap to wash off, just use simple soap and water or makeup remover. You won't have to touch up your brows all day long, just use it in the morning and you are good to go all day and into the night.

You can find this product along with every other brow need you could possibly imagine at

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Congrats to my reader, Kate from San Diego- she won the TIGHT CURVES powder. But don't worry, I'll be having another reader giveaway soon!
The House Bunny is going to be hilarious! I just did an interview with one of the writers of the movie! Please head over to my other site to read it.

After all, Madonna is now seventy five and its time to cut the hair. What? Only fifty? Still time to snip it off. Look at her arms, they are beyond muscular. I wonder what she'd look like without all the botox and face lifts and personal trainer? Come on, you know she's had minor "touch ups" through the years!

This is the face I make when someone suggests running as a form of exercise. However, JLo is so beyond that. She makes jogging an art form, what with the right ensemble and a personal trainer, a personal water bottle holder and a makeup artist jogging along side for touchups.

Okay first MK's ring. It's big enough to allow a tiny troll to sit and have a cigarette. Second the hat. Is he about to break into song with a barbershop quartet?
Eww...Ian Ziering is all Hugh Hefner on top and preppy Dockers dad on the bottom. No bueno!

There is nothing Ugly about Ugly Betty! Beautiful hair, skin and smile.
I now pronounce you...Wife and Wife? Is that what they say? I'll have to ask my gayelle gal pals. I hope Portia and Ellen can make this work long term!
Who will Kate Hudson date next? Hmmmm. I must invent a Celebrity Dating Game site. Keep that germ pool strictly in Hollywood. Maybe its time to give Christian Slater a whirl?
Hey, nice sports bra!

Aww, poor single Jennifer Aniston. John Mayer says he broke it off with her and she says she dumped him. I say let's call it even and write a song about it. He's a Serial Dater and will be seen next with... Kate Hudson!

Imagine getting groceries and having cameras in your face? At least she's pulled up close to the front door. Star treatment for Jennifer Garner!

I hope my body looks this good when I'm Lisa Rinna's age. Heck, I hope it looks that good within the next few months!
Time to POP! At 34 weeks I was begging my doctor to get THE KID OUT! I think Gwen is about 43 weeks along by now!
Paris tries so hard, doesn't she? Pose it girl!

Lancome Lips!

Lancôme will be debuting their new lip color soon. You need to check this out! Can you imagine strutting around town with your lips painted reddish black like the above photo? Here is the information you need to know:
This luxe lip set was created by Aaron de Mey, Lancôme’s new artistic director for makeup. Priced at $48, it features the black gloss and Color Fever Lipstick in Piha Red, inspired by the red of a Christian Louboutin sole. (Piha is the name of the beach near Aaron’s childhood home in New Zealand.)
Aaron is a big adherent of having fun with makeup, so the idea is to wear the colors alone or to customize your own shade by mixing them together. (Check out the lips above to see just how that looks.) Aaron also loves to use Piha Black as an eye gloss, by the way. Only 500 of the sets will be available in the United States, exclusively at the Bloomingdale’s 59th Street location, and the five Lancôme boutiques. The waiting list at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street has just opened. Call 212-705-2886 to add your name to the list!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

MAC Lustre Twins

MAC Lustre Twins is a must have for those of us who like a long wearing lip color. I tested it out last night and it stayed on my lips through a shower and eating some fruit, drinking water and smothering my kids with kisses. Look at the shades, arent they pretty?
Normally, long- wearing lipsticks or glosses feel quite heavy on my mouth and they gunk up as the day goes on. Re-application is usually an issue because the consistency is so thick. But the gloss side of the MAC Lustre Twins is a normal gloss with fabulous staying power. The color side is lightweight which makes the entire product a win-win!
Here are the colors....because I'm such a pink lip gloss addict, my favorite is the Pink Air/White Top!

Coco Lust /Sweet Sexy - Deep red brown/copper brown with gold pearlized pigments

Red Flame / Orange Flicker - Intense bright yellow red/bright yellow red with gold pearlized pigments

Red Reflection / Mirror - Deep berry magenta with pearlized pigments/clear with white pearlized pigments

**Pink Air / White Top - Light pink with pearlized pigments/clear white with red and pink pearlized pigments

Ripe and Ready / Soft and Lush - Bright pink coral with gold pearlized/yellow pink with gold pearlized pigments

Gypsy Rose / Shimmer it - Berry red with gold pearlized pigments/white gold with multi-coloured pearlized pigments

Custom Rose / Pink Virtue - Berry plum with pearlized pigments/light blue pink with silver pearlized pigments

Boss brown / Slave to Pink - Chocolate bronze with pearlized pigments/champagne neutral with pearlized pigments

Alta Moda / Hip Love - Deep blackened red/deep plum with red pearlized pigments
MAC also offers these Nail Lacquers from the Lustre Twins Collection:

$$$$ Yes - Metallic silver foil
Perplexing - Deep blue purple
Firehouse - Bright chrome red


Friday, August 15, 2008

Chanel Chanel Chanel!

You should know that I love Chanel. I love the sleek black packaging with the rich gold trim. I love the little intertwined CC's. Not only do I love Chanel for the aesthetic but because the products never let me down. I had a chance to test out the Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch eye shadow and it's silky and velvety like the softest blanket.
The colors last for hours and blend nicely. These are my special occasion eye colors, I bring them out when I have an event or party to go to. Look here and tell me that you wouldn't love having a few of these in your makeup drawer. My favorite is Khaki because the color is so versatile.
Not pictured but tested is the Inimitable Water Proof mascara. The comb- like applicator lengthens and curls, giving each lash a dose of color and adding some volume. I hang on to a fabulous mascara until the insides begin to crumble and I can barely eek out a bit to apply to my lashes. Use a good eye makeup remover when you wear this one!

A staple in my cosmetics repertoire is some good bronzers. A great bronzer will be used all year. In the summer, its used all over my face (sparingly) and lightly on my chest area. In the winter, I combine it with pink. The Soleil Tan De Chanel offers a few shades that will take you from summer through the winter. I dig the wavy pattern on the pan of blush. The color isn't dense but its not shimmery either. Its just right. My preferred shade is Terre Epice.

Oooh, lipstick. These creamy, silky colors of the Rouge Allure collection are so elegant looking! Look at the CHANEL embossed right in the lipstick itself! This satin lipstick is available in many shades my favorite being Naive, a neutral pinky-plum.

Okay, this is a product I am addicted to. It's the Aqualumiere Gloss. Light as feather but exploding with super high shine for wet looking lips. The colors are stunning, the texture amazing and I'm hooked!

Another must- have if you are a gloss junkie, Glossimer. Intense shine and shimmer imparted by a sponge tip applicator. If you see me quietly applying gloss somewhere in a corner, chances are its this one. My favorite shades are SeaShell and Pinup. I've been wanting to try Sirop but at the Chanel counter, it's always sold out. I'm not the only fan of Glossimer!

For everything Chanel, click here.