Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Giveaway? YES- Plus the winner from Dirty Blonde...

Glytone and Avene are two of my favorite high end skin care brands. You will love them both! And I have four gift sachets to give away to Hello Dollface readers. Here's what you can win:

Avene's mini Thermal Spring Water * Hydrance Optimale SPF 25 * Glytone Waterproof Sunscreen SPF 30 * Glytone Hand Cream SPF 15

You know the drill. Send an email to Distressedbluejeans@gmail.com with SKIN in the subject line. Include your full name and address. I will chose five winners by the end of the day tomorrow.
***And CONGRATS to Jen C from Menifee CA who won the Dirty Blonde Cocktails!***

Daily Dollfaces and one mutant insect alien

Here's Rumer Willis, channeling her inner Ashlee Simpson. I had a pleather jacket like that when I was a teenager and my mom's friend took one look at me in my tough (but cheap) jacket and said to my mom, "Oh...I'm so glad I have boys!"
Jenny McCarthy looks fantastic in that shade of green. I love it! Hair, makeup, everything looks perfect.

Tear your eyes away from Beck's hideous suit and check out the non-heels of the extremely ugly boots Victoria is wearing. I suppose they use hidden suspension technology, such as that of an earthquake friendly building. She's creeping along like a mutant insect-alien.

Speaking of aliens... who's dressing Tom these days? Clearly its not Rachel Zoe. She'd never pair that jacket with jeans! Horrible! I can't stand the way he holds Katie's hand when they walk, as if he's guiding her. Can she not find her own way?
When I saw Dita Von Teese with that jaunty little top hat, I immediately had flashbacks of this Charlie McCarthy puppet we had in the house growing up. I don't remember why we had it, I just recall my baby sister being deathly afraid of him. So I'd pull him down from the closet for laughs. That was so mean!
Dita needs a monocle, don't you agree?

Just out for a stroll...wearing stilettos? Zac and Vanessa only have to continue this dating charade until High School Musical 3 comes out in October then she can go ahead and date a Jonas brother. You know who is committed to seeing HS3 already? Me! My daughter cannot wait to see this film.
I like Sarah Michelle Geller although I don't think she needs all three names. She lives her life, out of the public eye and doesn't go out and make a fool of herself or blab her business to the tabloids. She shows up at events and usually looks nice, she seems down to earth.
I like those funky shoes, I want a pair to wear with jeans.

So cute! Rachel McAdams is totally pretty in pink. Her complexion is beautiful in that pink shirt. I prefer her as a blonde but she didn't consult me before dying her hair. She should have. I would have recommended a golden blonde. But when you're as gorgeous as her, you can do anything.

Kate Moss in zebra pants! She could hide out at the zoo and blend right in. I usually dig her style but I'm going to have to pass on the animal print.
All of these photos of Jennifer Aniston have been popping up-Jen in Mexico in a green bikini, alone. Jen at the beach, alone. Jen laying in the sun with a bucket of ice waters and sun tan lotion, alone. Who travels to Cabo by themselves? I'm sure there's a friend or two around but all pictures indicate she's going solo.
I'll be her friend. I think we would get along great. We could do yoga and eat Mexican food together and gossip like girlfriends are prone to do. We'd shop and laugh! She'd produce my screenplay and I'd earn millions of dollars.

Wow, that's a heavy load of makeup Jennifer Lopez is sporting. Everything would be better if the lipstick was subtle. When your lipstick is thick like her's, that's usually when it migrates to the front teeth. I get the feeling none of her assistants would tell her if her teeth were red. They'd laugh behind her back.
Now you can get the full scope of the dress, makeup and hair all together. The dress is kind of cute but it looks bunched up in the front.
Heather Graham, so cute! I love that vivid yellow dress.

Because what's better than one photo of David Beckham in an ugly suit? Two photos!
The tie, shirt and vest/pants are all clashing. Its a black and white pattern overload. Plaids and checks and stripes...and this is supposed to be a very fashion forward couple?
There was only one time in my life when I needed help walking and it was when I was an infant. Why does Britney need assistance? Like Katie Holmes, she must be guided.
I'd love to send Britney away for about a year and totally revamp her image. I'd lose the weave, toss the old jeans and turn her into an elegant woman. It would be My Fair Lady...only My Fair Britney. Oh no, suddenly I have a vision of a new reality show....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Senna Fall Collection

You need to check out all the beautiful cosmetics Senna offers. I'm loving this brand. Their fall collection is so lovely. Just look at the makeup of the model above. You too can have expertly shadowed eyes like the model with the Mineral Eyes Shadow Trio. It's even prettier in real life. I'm holding it now, wondering how I can blend it so perfectly.

24Karat Eye Bling is a gold shadow with a cream to powder consistency. The gold is a must have for the fall according to the fashion magazines. The Sheer Lipstick spf 15 in the shade of Allure, will turn your lips into a bronze-gold color with slight, subtle shimmer. Add some rosy cheeks and you have an simple but pretty day time look.

I love false eyelashes and have been known to wear them on special occasions. Look at the ones from Senna, they look like they would give a very glamorous accent to any made-up face.
I cannot believe how many great products Senna has to offer. I only heard of this brand a few months ago so I feel like they are brand new. I have my eye on that Silky Firmer on the Best Sellers page!


Dirty Blonde Cocktail Giveaway

Here is the founder of these delicious cocktails, Kristen, with Derek and Mark from Dancing with the Stars. It's Drinking with the Stars!

Kristen from Dirty Blonde Cocktails has so kindly offered one Hello Dollface reader a free 4-pack of cocktails and black rhinestone tee or tank! After a long hard day, imagine how refreshing it would be to sip one of these amazing drinks. Trust me when I tell you that these are the bomb! I don't think you could drink just one so thank goodness she's giving away a four pack. All you have to do is email me with DIRTY BLONDE in the subject line. I'll pick a winner within the next 24 hours. Email me at distressedbluejeans@gmail.com

Premium "champagne" Cocktails
Raspberry Flirtini ● Peach Passion Bellini ● Grapefruit Mimosa ● Lime Mintini
sign up to be on the Dirty Blonde Cocktail mailing list here.


Avene Cold Cream

With the cold winter months just around the corner, and might I add- I CAN'T WAIT- our skin is going to get dry. Nailbeds and cuticles will become ragged and let's not even talk about how dry the feet can get. Cheeks get whipped by the freezing wind for those of you who don't live in Southern California. You've got to do what you can to keep that moisture sealed in.

Avene has a line of Cold Cream products especially formulated for dry, sensitive skin. Keep the skin hydrated, the wrinkles plumped. I personally love the Cold Cream- I slather it on when I'm at home and just let it penetrate the skin. Also noteworthy is the Hand Cream-Cold Cream and Body Lotion with Cold Cream. You can learn more about Avene here. This is a wonderful brand, everything I try from them, I end up loving! I keep the face wash in the shower and use it nearly every day. The hand cream will find its way into my car where I always end up noticing my dry hands on the steering wheel!


ANSR for acne prone skin

You know what really blows? Being thirty six and still getting pimples. I think once you leave the teen years, zits should be a thing of the past! It should be natures way of compensating for a slower metabolism and wrinkles. We should all have clear skin without pimples, black heads or the annoying and unsightly cystic acne that roots deep under the skin like some kind of burrowing vermin.

Thankfully, we do have technology on our side and ANSR is a product that helps clear up acne.
This is a very cool little machine and since I am no scientist I will quote directly on how it works:
ANSR: PREP cleanses the skin for enhanced effectiveness of the phototherapy treatment. The ANSR: BEAM blue light waves kill the bacteria and ensuing infection, while the red light waves rapidly heal the skin. ANSR: NIGHT inhibits the excess secretions that create blemishes, while ANSR: DAY adds a moisturizing element to the acne fighting ingredients to keep skin balanced.

It's very easy to use and although there are a few steps, it's worth the five minutes it takes to do the whole routine. First you clean your skin with the PREP. Then you apply the blue and red photolight to the affected area. Next apply the DAY or NIGHT lotion depending on the time of day. There! So simple and easy to use and the result is clean, smooth skin. I love it. This is a must have if you are prone to acne like..cough, cough.. some of us are. Click here to learn more!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

I always like to see Rachel Zoe's clothing choices to get an idea of what I could wear if I had a big fancy event to attend. And if I had her money. Or access to her closet.
Here's a trend to pass up, those rubbery leggings. I admit, I thought of buying a pair to wear this fall. But then I realized I'm way too old to wear them. Plus, what would I wear them with?
Paris might be trying to look bad-ass in them but I'm not sure if she successfully pulls off the look. Maybe for a Halloween costume...?
Michelle Williams is so cute. She reminds me of a little fairy, a pixie. Two thumbs up for her subtle makeup.
They look nice. Matthew McConageyhay and Camilla are all dressed up and fancy looking. I wonder if he took a shower and used soap? I know he enjoys being grubby and dirty.

Kate Beckinsdale is so beautiful. Even carrying a Whole Foods bag and walking to her car she looks amazing.

Okay, I had to look once, twice, three times to see if Jennifer Lopez was really wearing a black mesh hat of some kind that partially covers her face. And yes. Like what old fashioned grandmas wear at funerals.
Helena Bonham Carter has always marched to the beat of her own drum. And I love her for it. And I love the outfit the nanny is wearing too.

Gwen Stefani and son Kingston. Note the Z necklace. Obviously for Zuma. I'm not used to that name yet. Its not growing on me at all. Maybe for a pet, like a dog.
It's all so very Cinderella complete with the costumes of the footmen!
The only reason I posted this picture was so that we could all admire the way Dita Von Teese seems to glow like an apparition! I have a feeling she is completely diligent about using sunscreen on her face every day.

Suave..yes, Suave

How many times have you walked into the drugstore and strolled past Suave shampoos and conditioners, not even giving barely a glance to this affordable brand? Next time you find yourself in the aisles of your favorite store, stop and take a peek at Suave. I tried both the Volumizing and Shine lines and- surprise!- loved them. My daughter, with her long curly hair, took all my products and decided that they were for her only and I was not allowed to use any of them! I did sneak them into the shower and tested everything before she noticed.

I liked the way these shampoos lather up and wash completely out with no residue. The conditioners left my hair soft and detangled. The Vibrant Shine Mist made my little girls hair look photo-worthy without weighing the hair down. Since her hair is not limp, frizzy or color treated like mine, she really has the best locks to test products on!

One thing I was able to use without her taking was the Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant. It lasted all day and smelled good- I tested the Sweet Pea and Violet scent.

Suave is a brand that is way affordable. If you shell out the big bucks for hair color and a cut, you can save some cash on your styling products by using Suave. And did you know there are even products geared towards kids? And men? Body wash and skincare? You can find it all at Suave.com. I'm so impressed with all the products they offer.


Friday, September 26, 2008

My latest obsession...

I'd like you to meet Miz Mooz boots. When I was in San Fransisco, I stopped a girl to ask about her cool boots. They had buttons up the side, came to a little below the knee and were awesome enough for me to stop in my tracks, rub my eyes and say, "Holy cow! I want your boots!" She told me the brand and when I got home, I tried to find Miss Moos boots. Since I typed it in wrong, of course I didn't find them but I persevered and found the MIZ MOOZ boots of my fantasies. I emailed the company right away asking about the brand but sadly, they never got back to me. What's up with that?

Of course they are more expensive than I would like so chances are unlikely that I will be wearing these in the fall and winter. The last time I really really splurged on a pair shoes was 1994. I wanted cowboy boots for some odd reason. I suppose they were in fashion for a while and I was determined to buy a pair. I looked high and low at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ. Finally I marched into Nordstrom and paid nearly $300 for a pair. Do you know where those boots are now? In my closet along with the winter coats we never wear in southern California.

You can click here to eyeball the shoes and boots yourself. I'm certain they are very comfortable and fabulous! I'll be dreaming of them all season.


Daily Dollfaces

Eva Longoria has said she's not pregnant just FAT! Look at this body. This is not fat at all.

We don't see Sandra Bullock out very much so I don't really want to give her a hard time about the tights and the bunchy dress with the weird diagonal zipper. Her hair looks great!

I wouldn't mind having Lisa Rinna's body or her clothes. I look at Belle Gray to see what's new there but unfortunately, cannot afford anything!

I'm debating whether or not to cut my hair this short. Katherine Heigl looks great with the shorter hair but I don't think I would.
Isla Fischer is totally cute. I dig her red hair and striped pants.
I'm not sold on the name Sunday but she looks like a very adorable baby. From what I can see which is basically a bald head and a pink dress. I think of the U2 song: Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

I can't help it, I want to see Jennifer Garner gain lots of weight with this pregnancy. These celebs have babies and look so thin and fit during the nine months, it would just be cool to see one of them looking less than perfect. I want to see a double chin, saggy booty, saddle bags...

I love everything about Gwyneth's dress from the shape to the color to the ruffles. But I'm still not sure about the shoe. I know these peep toe bootie shoes are very "in" this season but I doubt you will find me wearing them. I like a more feminine, less bulky look.

Simple dress, easy on the makeup. Why, Drew Barrymore looks like a normal person!
Instead of an hourly wage, do you think Christina's makeup artist is paid based on per pound of cosmetics used? Those lips- Arhghhhh!

A little Brad Pitt to brighten your day. I think the yellow suits him well. Especially the pants. Do you think they are terry cloth?

Cute, cute and then we get to the shoes and ...oh no. Was Rachel Zoe responsible for Anne's shoes? Love the hair and pretty makeup but not the shoes. At least not with that dress.

I take cold medicine and feel like I'm having a heart attack but Amy Winehouse can snort coke, crack, Ajax and bleach and she's still standing? Barely, but she's there on stage. One of these days her poor heart is going to just give out.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tarte and Chanel News

Don't you want this shade brightening your face? Blissful by Tarte, was only available in a set but now can be yours if you venture over to Bergdorf Goodman. I know you were planning on going there anyway. Want the lowdown on these fabulous Cheek Stains?

Skinvigorating™ Benefits· Water-based gel blush· Oil-free so it won't clog pores· Alcohol-free so it won't dry skin· Mineral pigment · Dermatologist-tested· Restores youthfulness and vitality to your complexion.

Available in the following shades:· blissful: sheer soft-warm pink· true love: sheer watermelon

I think this is the color to have in your collection this fall. Chocolate with a hint of shimmer, its perfect for toes and finger nails. Remember to keep the nails short. There's nothing less hip than long, pointy talons. I love Chanel nail polish so much that I want to wear all the colors they offer all day everyday, all year long. Here is the scoop behind the shade:

Amy Gonzo, 19, of Port Washington, WI, created Haute Chocolat, a shimmery chic brown nail lacquer with flecks of gold. It was inspired by her favorite holiday drink, hot cocoa, and is available in October 2008 at department and specialty stores nationwide as well as on CHANEL.com. Thousands of entries were reviewed by Seventeen and CHANEL to determine the selected winner whose shade name and inspiration would be launched exclusively in the United States as part of the limited edition CHANEL Holiday 2008 Makeup Collection. The winner will be officially announced in the October 2008 issue of Seventeen (on newsstands September 16th).

Way to go Amy! I'd love to create a nail polish shade. It's my dream (one of many) to partner with a cosmetics company and have a small collection of "Dollface" items!