Friday, October 31, 2008

Breast Cancer Giveaway winner

Thanks so much to all of you lovely ladies who sent me emails regarding my big giveaway! Mel F. from California is the girl who will receive a basketful of goodies. Mel has stage 4 cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. My thoughts and prayers are with her every day. I urge everyone of you to do the self exams and get your mammograms.

I went for my mammogram this past week. I put it off for a long, long time and neglected to do the self exams out of fear. A mammogram is not fun by any means but its necessary. Take care of yourself. Early detection is the key to battling this disease.

My love and prayers go out to those who are battling breast cancer, whose loved ones are affected by the disease and those who like me, live in fear of finding out they have breast cancer because of a family history.

If you get a chance to watch Living Proof on Lifetime Television, please do so. It was a great movie starring Harry Connick Jr. and it offers a message of hope.

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Zelens Radical Defense Serum

Zelens Skin Science was created by Dr. Marko Lens, a plastic surgeon and authority on skin cancer. So, you can see he might know a thing or two about skin care. Zelens Radical Defense Serum is like a super hero of serums. It's gentle, suitable for all skin types, chock full of anti-oxidants and protects against free radicals. If that's not enough for you, it improves the texture of the skin. The serum contains Shiso extracct, a Japanese mint leaf that contains anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties.

I've been using Zelens for a while now, each night before bed. I use a dime sized- maybe a quarter, I tend to overdo- amount and gently pat it all over my face. Unlike many serums, this one doesn't leave a tacky residue and it absorbs quickly. I've noticed that my skin looks brighter and more even since using it. I wonder if this is a miracle product? It's pretty outstanding. I will mourn when its empty!

The packaging is lovely too- a green bottle with silver accents, delivered to you in a green box. Very elegant. You can read a lot more about the Zelens skincare products here. There are very few products which deliver immediate results but this is one of them.


Bath and Body Works Black Amethyst Collection

If you are hard to please in the fragrance department, I suggest you try Black Amethyst from the Bath and Body Works Signature Collection. It's not very floral, strong or overpowering. It has a bit of a spiciness to it. This is the kind of scent I like for special events because it's different from the florals I like to wear.
The top notes of this include bergamot, mandarin, tangerine, orange, melon. Mid notes feature lily of the valley, magnolia blossom, gardenia, tuberose, freesia, peony petals, camellia and the drydown is a combination of patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla and musk. Combined, this is a flirty, sexy scent.
I think my first BBW purchase was a Freesia lotion that I wore for years, including my wedding day. We all have our favorites from Bath and Body Works, don't we? Click here for more!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Ever since I read that John Mayer has some tricks up his sleeve in the bedroom, I can't look at him the same way. Apparently his body is a wonderland.
Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn in a room fit for a seven year old princess-- or a very gay man.
Tori! She's so cute in real life. The photos don't do her justice. With that being said, she needs some blotting papers and a lighter lipstick.

Kristin Stewart at a premiere of Twilight. She looks a little like a vampire here. I think its the lipstick and evil gleam in her eye. I can't wait for this movie. I'm ashamed to admit it but I loved the books.
Kristin Scott Thomas and Natalie Portman. Both are gorgeous women but the short pants aren't doing Kristin any favors and the purple shoes don't make me happy. I'd love to be a stylist but cannot be running all over town borrowing gowns and jewels, for Petes sake. Let me into your closet and I'll work wonders.

Natalie Portman, casual style. I have a variation of this entire ensemble, including the small dog. One thing I've noticed in LA, some girls have the long flatironed hair, dressed to the nines, other girls are more casual with greasy hair pulled back, no makeup and ultra casual clothing.

Someone got a hold of the Bedazzler! Gwen is looking awfully...studded. Zuma is adorable. But I want to call him Montezuma.

Kate Moss, supermodel of generation X. Would you go out in that short dress? Some might call it a shirt. I would be thrown in jail for indecent exposure for wearing tights and a shirt with nothing in between.
Oh, someone got a set of dentures! It appears that Bruce Willis either has new teeth or some shiny veneers over the old ones. Only his dentist knows for sure...Julia Roberts, good to see you. You've been away for too long.
If you disregard the "There's Something About Mary" hairdo, Jessica Biel looks good. I like the pink lipstick and its nice to see her smile.

Hilary Swank has the gayelle vibe and its not because she's dressed as Ellen's twin.

Zuma Zoom Zoom.

Far be it from me to critique Eva Mendes, after all, I'm the one sitting here in paint-stained sweatpants, but the collar of the dress looks too much like the cone my dog wears when he's hurt. That is a very festive dress, it says Holiday Party! to me.

Eva Longoria's dress needs to be hemmed, wouldn't you say? Her feet are going to get tangled in it. Doesn't she have a seamstress on call? Other than that fashion faux pas, I love the bag, the scarf and her coiffure. Makeup looks good too.

Ashley Tisdale, in an effort to look more like Vanessa Hudgens, dyed her blonde hair brown. Or maybe its to get away from the Sharpey character. I don't know. What I do know is that her boots are trying to take flight.

MAC Mineralize Sheersheen Powder

By now you are well aware of all the hype surrounding mineral makeup. And MAC, always on the forefront of trends and technology and creating new collections, offers a line of Sheersheen Powder. Or Poudre Libre, as the packaging says. That reminds me of Nacho Libre. Not to get off track but did you see that movie?

MAC is awesome, their products never let me down. I tried two Mineralize powders, two Poudre Libres. Silver Aura and Lucent. You can't just apply it all willy-nilly. It takes a little finesse and a puffy brush. You sort of swirl it on your face in delicate strokes and don't over do it! You certainly don't want a caked on look. I was apprehensive about the mineral trend but Im on board now.

I wanted to share this information with you because if you love beauty like I do, you will find it interesting.


What makes M·A·C Mineralize different from other mineral brands?

M·A·C is the makeup authority and known for professional, stay-true makeup colours and textures. M·A·C has always used minerals in its makeup products, but the introduction of M·A·C Mineralize called for the development of special formulations and innovative techniques. These new methods allowed us to create Baked, Loose and Fluid Mineralize Products. Baked: Mineralize Skinfinish, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Mineralize Blush, Mineralize Eye Shadow

These formulas are free of traditional binders found in pressed powders and are baked for 24 hours through a unique process on terracotta tiles. The result is superb skin adhesion, pure colour, luminous dimension and a luxurious light finish.

Loose: Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation Loose
Many competitive mineral loose foundations can yield high buildable coverage, but with a more shimmery finish on the skin. M·A·C Mineralize Foundation Loose needed to be different. Our approach was to create a fresh-looking medium buildable coverage in a natural finish, but without the pearly shine.

We also set out to have greater shade integrity; other mineral loose foundation shades that provide SPF coverage often have a greying of colour due to the active ingredients. We formulated M·A·C Mineralize Foundation Loose to offer the best of both worlds: SPF 15 protection with true shade integrity.

Our “Caplicator” is also a unique point of difference. The built-in applicator puff allows for a more portable and less messy way to travel with Mineralize Foundation Loose. It also allows for flexibility – use with the Caplicator or a traditional makeup brush. M·A·C 109 and 182 Brushes are designed specifically to pick up just the perfect amount of product and give a beautiful precise application to face.

Click here for more about MAC.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MAC Suite Array

If the MAC Suite Array match-box pans of dual color aren't excellent enough, the eyeliners go beyond expectation. Not only are the colors pretty but the consistency is ideal- so smooth that it glides across your lid, ripe for smudging so you get that Kate Moss-overslept-party last night look.

Look at those eye shadow colors. Vibrant blue, sea foam green, lilac...each pan offers one larger color and a smaller shade. I apply the big color and use the small to highlight. Mix it up. Blend the shades. Go crazy. It's MAC, you're supposed to play around and be creative. My personal favorite is the Blue Zone. The bright blue is gorgeous. I'd be hard pressed to choose an eyeliner that stands out because they all wow me. Fly-by-Blu is deep and luscious while Bankroll brings out the green tint to my eyes. Black Russian is dark with a hint of navy blue for drama.

With every MAC collection, I manage to find a few shades that I simply have to try, or ones that are so beautiful it makes me want to paint. You can view the full collection right here. This is a limited edition collection so run to your nearest MAC counter and explore the possibilities.


A favor

Here's what I ask of you- just head on over to Page To Reel and check my book/film site out. Books and writing is my passion in life and I love writing about the books that I have read. This post should be particulary fun if you've ever struggled with weight. Click here to read it.

And thank you so much to those who named Conversations With Famous Writers one of the 50 Best Chick Lit Blogs. That site is the pre-Page to Reel site. Take a look at my other site and get some ideas on what to read.


Daily Dollfaces

Just a reminder to blush and floss everyday.

I'm guessing these two crazy Lohan's are at a Halloween soiree of some kind but I'm not sure what they are supposed to be. What's the deal with Ali's mesh shirt? Back in my day, the only people who wore mesh shirts were buff guidos who accessorized with loads of gold jewelry and a Camaro Iroc. Showing off the belly button gives class to an otherwise slutty outfit. Not.

Seriously. Get some American Apparel leggings and make Suri wear them. Her legs must be cold! It's time to introduce her to new wardrobe choices other than party dresses and hand sewn designer Mary Janes. I bet Tom's responsible for her wardrobe.

Jennifer "size 2" Love Hewitt looks fab in that red gown. Crimson is her color! Her boyfriend reminds me of Anne Hathaway's jailbird who reminds me of a low rent Zach Braff.

I'm posting this to bring back memories of when I saw Jared Leto in real life. I should have tried to talk to him. He wore his hair in a ponytail and his eyes were rimmed in black eyeliner. The deal breaker is his height- he's short, for a dude.

I love this hair. I completely and utterly dig it on the right person. Halle Berry is not that person.

Looks like Will Smith dipped into the wardrobe from The Legend of Bagger Vance. Or else he's off for a round of golf. And Jada borrowed Rick James wig. Something looks off about her lately.

Aha! I knew it! Gwen has a nanny or two to lend a hand with her kids. You know my gripe, celebs can't take care of their kids without the help of a few hired hands.

When I look at Angelina, I see peace, love, rainbows and unicorns with shiny gold horns.

These two don't parade around too much, they keep it on the down low. I hope Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller can go the distance and not end up in the midst of a nasty divorce.

I think Anne Hathaway is stunning but she resembles an alien of some kind here.

Not a big Brolin fan although I did like him in No Country For Old Men. I do, however adore Diane Lane. She's one of the best actresses and her career spans decades yet she's lived a pretty quiet life and is not often tabloid fodder. Way to go Diane.

I get that Tori, Liam and the dog are Bumble Bees. But why is Dean in a biohazard suit? He looks as if he should be handling radioactive materials and spraying for bugs in that getup.

File this under "NOT Styled by Rachel Zoe!" Jessica Biel looks like she rolled out of her gym clothes and into this silver spangled number. Girl, at least do something with your hair and makeup! And call Rachel for the next red carpet. Brad and Taylor will take care of you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Daily Dollfaces and some gross teeth. And feet.

Posh isn't wearing dangerously high, designer shoes and tight pants? What does she think this is? Oh, its soccer practice? Still, she has an image to uphold! I thought her feet were shaped like Barbies- in the high heels position, even when barefoot!

Paris looks little waxy here, doesn't she? I can't help it, I like the big hair, dark eye makeup and pink lip gloss!

File this under "Stars Without Makeup." Uma Thurman looks...normal. I don't mind the cosmetics free face but the greasy hair makes me cringe.

Faith Hill looks super cute, I love her haircut.
I hear oily skin helps keep wrinkles at bay. This may or may not be true. But Lisa Rinna could really benefit from a piece of oil blotting paper or some pressed powder in this picture.
Sidenote- I want her dance /exercise dvds that are coming out in November!

Every dental office in America and maybe the UK should hang this photo on their walls. Amy Winehouse's teeth are a force to be reckoned with. I will show this to my chidren and hope they remember to floss and brush every day. Her teeth and Lara's feet...(((shudder)))
At a quick glance, I thought this was Tila Tequila. No, its Valerie Bertinelli!

Jada Pinkett Smith looks very buff and rough. Her daughter Willow is super cute.
Lara Flynn Boyle used to be so cute. I think she might have hit the botox needle too hard. She should have been concentrating on ...

..taking care of her toenails. CVS sells a fungus cream, just FYI. That is one very long big toe.

I love her makeup! I found myself watching an E! True Hollywood Story yesterday about Heidi Klum and was riveted by her drive and passion to succeed. Plus, she can yodel.

Here is Gwen after attending a Halloween Party. She was an egg. Gavin was the bacon. Kingston could have been a sauage link but he wasn't there. I'm guessing they aren't vegans.
Have you been watching this Stylista show on the CW? It's riveting if you like tweaked reality. There's back stabbing, a social outcast, a guy who looks like Corben Bleu- oops he got sent packing. There's a girl who looks like Anne Hathaway and one girl who has enormous boobs. What other ingredients do you need? The editor who plays the "Anna Wintour" role needs to smile with her eyes more. Well the show is produced by Tyra Banks.
I know most people don't like Elisabeth Hasselbeck. But I admire her convictions. I'm very wishy washy and I'm usually willing to hear and consider both sides without getting catty and shrill. I'd be shrugging and acting all demure and quiet if I were on The View. I'd crack the occasional sarcastic comment then listen to the other hens go at it. Rosie O' Donnell I'm not. But why is Elisabeth wearing a housecoat? My grandma had a robe like that.

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