Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bride Wars

I can't wait to see this film! It just cries out chick-flick! Meant to be seen with a bunch of girls, out for an evening. I love Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. I love movies...I usually post trailers on, among other bits and pieces of book and movie news. I'm angling for an invite to the premieres so I can write first hand reviews. For now, check out the film trailer below!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

All you need to know about Isla Fischer is that she stars in the upcoming film, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Here's the movie trailer:

Sarah Jessica Parker and Valentino. His skin is NOT a color found in nature. Its halfway between pumpkin and tangerine! I think he still uses Quik Tan from the 70's.

How crazy! This was my sexy pilgrim costume for Thanksgiving. Of course mine included the traditional pilgrim hat but everything else...identical! Leave it to Paris Hilton to copy me.

Its Miley! Its a felony! (you have to watch The Soup to get it) Miley and her twenty year old boufriend in their matching skinny pants. Don't you think twenty is a little old for a sixteen year old? I do! But twenty is just right for a thirty six year old.....kidding!
Naomi Watts is about to POP! Funny, she never officiallty announced her pregnancy. That could be a pillow in her sweater for all we know.

That beaded gown must be weighing down Nicole Kidman's delicate bones. I cannot come up with anything new to say about her light, pale hair and her translucent and botoxed face.

This is Hugh Jackman's wife, Deborah. Aside from the fact she looks like Phyllis Diller, lets talk about the shoes! NO NO NO! Not with a fancy little black dress. Those might be passable with pants but she needed to go with a sexy heel. Did Hugh not learn anything when he was on Broadway?

First, Wellies aren't cute in Los Angeles. They are adorable in London, in the rain. Maybe in New York when its drizzling. Second, I had a hair dresser tell me once that my hair was just like Heather Locklear's. Seeing this photo clarifies that comment- both of us have thin, frizzy, overprocessed locks.

Oh Britney. Hard to believe that this is the same girl on the cover of the Circus album. Shows you how valuable photoshop is. All you need is semi-decent lighting, a good blur filter and someone who knows how to touch up pimples and viola! Instant beauty.

Blake Lively is gorgeous and I love her hair. I know she gets it colored at the Lukaro salon in Beverly Hills. I'd love to get my hair colored there. I got the best hair cut from Luke O'Connor...anyway- Blake is stunning but that band-aid colored belt does no favors to the sweater and sequined skirt.
Beyonce is beautiful. But the dress leaves me feeling empty inside, like when I eat too many cookies. Is it a House of Dereon creation/atrocity? I have yet to see a pretty dress from there. If you deleted the poofy sleeves and went with a patent leather belt, even a sequined one, it would be an improvement over what looks like a janitor's tool belt with all kind of doo-dads dangling off it.

Anne Hathway's dress is reallly short! Thank goodness she's wearing tights. I realized today that I am too old and my thighs are not in good enough shape to wear short dresses without leggings/tights underneath.

Reese Witherspoon looking chic and warm in all black. Of course she's on a major press junket for her new movie. Thats why we see her everywhere.
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. They are a lovely couple. Do you think they get his and hers Botox in their foreheads?

Cindy Crawford is in amazing shape. She's forty one. Sometimes I think I'm not bad for thirty six. Then I see Cindy and remind myself that she has a trainer, personal chef, nutritionalist, yoga guru, massuer, that she's not sitting at her computer all day, every day...she has people to keep her looking good. I don' pass me another cookie.

Faith Hill-what can we say about her? She's talented, pretty, and I can find nothing wrong with her sweater and pearls.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

POP Beauty

Blush Cakes have five glorious stripes of color, specifically created to warm your skin tone and give your look a pop! of pretty color. I adore all things pink so its no wonder I fell in love with the Pretty In Pink blush cake. There is also Natural in Nudes and Warm in Sienna. But I like the pink best! I love the way all the colors blend together when you apply it with a big brush. Its perfect for winter when I want my cheeks to look like I've just come in from the cold!

I love this Pop Beauty Mini Ribbon gloss. You get three swirls of beautiful color in one little pan. Mini Ribbon gloss offers great shine too. You know I like my lips nice and glossy. The gloss smells like coconut and contains skin softening jojoba oil to keep lips moisturized. I tested the Peony Pink ribbon gloss which contains a dark red, glimmery pink and neutral pink. You can use a lip brush and really get creative with the bands of color, or swipe your finger across and apply.

This is such a cool brand, they offer much more than the Ribbon Gloss and Blush cakes. Go here for more. And you can buy these items at!


Sephora Brand Tricks of the Trade

I could do an entire essay on what I love about Sephora. Even thinking of the store right now gives me chills, I love it so. Its like my own crack den but filled with pretty makeup instead of illegal drugs. Maybe that's not the best analogy but when I know I'm headed to Sephora, I get all tingly and excited. Once I get my fix, I calm down. A little. Usually I have some kind of product to try out so I hurry home and my hands shake as I peel away the red tissue from the depths of the black and white bag...

This year, head over to Sephora and check out their Luxe Noir makeup cases. In every size and style, these are ideal for gifts. You can get one in silver, blue, with or without sequins, fill it with some cool samples or full sized products and there you go- instant gift. There's a makeup bag above with the silver sequins which is going to double as my tiny special occasion purse. The only things I bring with me when I head out is my drivers license, American Express card, powder and lipstick/gloss.

Also worth you attention is the "Tricks of the Trade" products such as the Sephora Instant Lip Plumper. It not only plumps up your pout but gives your mouth a high shine. It tingles slightly, Im not going to lie but the sensation isnt unpleasant. I like it! The Radiance Mist can be sprayed on your face mid-afternoon for a little pick me up. Instantly revitalizes makeup and perks up the look of skin. Another trick of the trade which offers instantly results is the Immediate Wrinkle Filler- this is like a silky spackle to fill in crows feet, smile lines and other facial wrinkles. You will want to use a light touch with this, gently patting it on after your moisturizer.

All products can be found at Sephora, the most wonderful place in the world. Click here to be brought to a wonderful world of fabulous cosmetics, perfumes and skincare.


Kenzo Perfumes

Kenzo Pour Femme is a delicious scent and when I call it watery, I don't mean its watered down. I'm trying to say it has the essence of spring water, something very clean and natural. This fragrance comes in a simply gorgeous clear bottle which is a work of art in and of itself. The fragrance inside combines Frosty Water Mint, Water Lily, Paradise Seeds, Blue Cedar, Infusion of Vanilla Pods. It is a crisp, clean scent that instantly lifts my mood. Good for every day.

Flower by Kenzo Winter Flowers is one of the only perfumes I've ever tried that leaves your skin smelling lightly of powder. It's super soft and feminine. I tested this one my pulse points, couldn't stop smelling myself all day. I went out and bought my mother some of this perfume so she could enjoy it too. It's different from other perfumes because it's got that powdery smell that I'm so fond of. Most noticable on the dry-down.

Just looking at the bottle makes me think of sunshine! Summer By Kenzo contains Bergamot, Citron, Mimosa, Violet, Almond Milk, Musk, Cedar, Styrax. This scent very slightly reminds of me Johnson's Baby shampoo- no one else probably thinks this but me. Its clean without being soapy, fresh without being heavy. Its a very subtle fragrance for those who aren't into smelling really strongly of florals or spice.

Here's a perfume that for me, is a special occasion fragrance! Kenzo Amour has a lot of depth if you know what I mean. It's more of a complicated scent, blended from Frangipani Blossoms, Cherry Blossoms, Tanakha Wood, Incense, Thai Rice Steam, Vanilla of La RĂ©union, White Tea from China. Its a sophisticated blend that makes me want to wear a fancy dress, heels and go out for a night on the town.

Kenzo scents are so beautiful. What I love is that they last all day long. You know how some scents completely fade after application? Not these. For more on Kenzo perfumes which are all amazing and smell so good, click here.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Sarah Michelle Gellar...I don't mind the pants. In fact, from the ankles up everything is cool. But you can't put fancy shoes with casual pants! Hello, that's basic Fashion 101. Its too much, you have to keep it all in the same fashion genre, if you will. A boot or chunkier shoe would be better.

Rachel Leigh Cook is cute. Check out the neat butterfly purse! I've got my eye on it. It would be perfect with my pink sweater and dark jeans.

I think Cameron Diaz aged about five years in this photo! She must be trying to bring the blonde hair to a darker shade but coupled with the bat wing collar and dark lipstick, she's looking Housewives of Orange County old.

Nicole Richie looks smashing in that bright blue. Several years ago I bought a Cover Girl eye liner called Cobalt Blue. I looked very early 80's chic whenever I applied it. It was the exactly color of Nicole's dress. Not my best look, I admit.
I kind of want to do something else with her hair, it's a bit flat on the top.

Cute ! Taylor Swift looks perfect and age appropriate in this ensemble.

My fashionista icon, Rachel Zoe! Oh how I've missed her show. I hope Bravo brings it back and soon. I need my fashion fix and I need Rachel to give me a few more catchphrases to add to my repitoire.

If you are young and hip and your name is Rihanna, then I think you can get away with wearing these rubber leggings. If you're a middle aged soccer mom with a cellulite problem, then you must apologize to everyone in your path for causing them undue distress from looking at your rubber clad thighs.

When Jessica Biel wants to, she can look so pretty! Yes on the hair and makeup. I'm undecided about the dress. I think the top portion needs to be hiked up a bit. I like the idea but not the execution.
First of all, she's wearing pumps again. Second, Paris Hilton is in her twenties, thats beyond the point where you are matchy-matchy with your clothes, shoes etc. Did we do that in the 80's? I don't think so. The purse and sunglasses look even more childish than Hannah Montana accessories from Libby Lou.

The photo might be of Melanie "Botox-Plastic Surgery Addict" Griffith but the real star of the shot is the lady on the right. She must be an America's Next Top Model fan, look at how she's smiling with her eyes, coyly looking over her shoulder. That's a Tyra Banks pose.

oh Kate- time to except that your feet are a size 8 not a 7. Kate Beckinsdale's toes are always hanging off the front of her shoes.

Carlos Leon and daughter Lourdes in New York City. I hope she's dressed in clothes from organically harvested material and those lace up boots better be faux leather! I wonder if Madonna imposes her strict rules on Carlos as she does with Guy. If I were either of them, I'd say yes to everything and do what I wanted. Processed food, polyester clothes, tap-water, Spongebob Squarepants movies...non-stop fun!

I love Carmen Electra's lemon chiffon gown! It's gorgeous. Two snaps for the accessories. Well done. Her hair on the other hand, is another story. We need to fluff it up on top. You know I'm from New Jersey and can't get enough of big hair.

Here's a trend that I hope never catches on...the fringled sunglasses! Thank you for demonstrating this monstrosity, Beyonce. It's like the trim on the edge of an area rug. Not for me or my sunglasses. You know her song about the single ladies? Then she holds up her hand and says "Put a ring on it!" It's been going through my head driving me crazy all day.

Benjamin Affleck in Africa. I can't wait for the day when I can hop aboard my private jet and bring food and other supplies to people who need help. Of course I'd stay in my four star resort and wear my designer Ralph Lauren safari togs.
Seriously, though, its a dream of mine to roll up my sleeves and pitch in where I can really make a difference.
Britney looks cute, I love her jeans. True Religion jeans are the best. They are super pricey but look flattering on everyone. I like Brit's hat, this is the way to wear a fedora, keeping it casual.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Who styled Lindsay? I hope it wasn't Samantha because all she wears is tee shirts and skinny jeans. What does Sam know about fashion? Music is her deal. Lindsay needs to lose the necklace, its too much with the halter of the dress. If she took the necklace off, I'd approve.
Oh gosh. Jessica Biel, what are you thinking? The outfit is too Barbershop Quartet, what with the red of the dress and the white hat. That kind of hat is best worn with a plain tee shirt and jeans, if you insist.

The bag is all kinds of wrong with the dress (which we've seen before). It takes all of three minutes to switch out purses. I think Jessica looks normal, ie like the rest of us. But when you're in the public eye, you need to look your best because there's always a camera around. You can't get away with any fashion faux pas! Trust me.

You can tell its Mary Kate because the dress looks like something an old lady might dig out of her armoire for an evening of canasta and Ethel Merman tunes. I can see an old retiree wearing it with a mink turban, reeking of Youth Dew and cigarettes. She'd be carrying a vodka gimlet and calling everyone "darling" in a raspy voice. But no, its MK Olsen.

Okay, I can get on board with this outfit. Its simple, refined and put together. Sarah Jessica Parker comes up with some questionable ensembles but this works for me. Plus, I love pink!

I pick up the kids from school wearing outfits like this. Baggy sweats, a sweatshirt, sunglasses. I get it. I can't pick Jessica Simpson apart too much here.

Jennifer Garner is already due next month! She looks good, no? I hear she's having a boy. I predict she will name him something boring. I hope it's not Ben Junior.
Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of her new movie which I can't wait to see. I like her dress and shoes. She gets two snaps, a Slurpee and a ride on a unicorn for looking fresh, pretty and put together!
I remember getting my Seventeen magazine every month and Jennifer Connelly used to be in every fashion spread. It totally bothered me. Now she doesn't bother me, in fact I like her. Especially in the movie, The House of Sand and Fog. But here - I'm not a fan of tights. If she wore this with black boots, I'd be content. She should have gone with a nude leg if she wanted to wear those shoes. And I'd like to see a bulky silver necklace along with the knee high black boots, maybe in a patent leather. But who am I to critique?

Ashley Olsen actually smiling? I don't believe my eyes! What is it with the Olsen twins wearing oversized clothes? They wear such matronly, big dresses. What gives?

By now you know that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz had their baby, yeah! Congrats to them. Did you hear the name? Bronx Mowgli Wentz! BMW? How ridonkulous! But you know what? There will only ever be one person who can carry the name Mowgli....