Sunday, January 11, 2009

Access Hollywood Stuff You Must Lounge

I was thrilled and ultra grateful to be invited to attend the Access Hollywood Stuff You Must Lounge for the Golden Globes yesterday. This kind of event is always fun and a break from my nonglamorous life sitting at my computer in my slippers and pajamas. The lounge was held at the Sotifel, a glorious hotel across from the enormous Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles.

The first person I noticed as I walked in was Access Hollywood anchor, Billy Bush. I was shocked he didn't recognize me. Hahaha! I'm joking of course. I visited every booth and introduced myself. Can I tell you how exciting it is when someone really does recognize "Hello Dollface"?

My favorite place to visit was the CVS Reinventing Beauty suite where I met the infamous Laura Geller. I love her cosmetics and now I love them even more. Laura was very friendly and sweet and I enjoyed meeting her in person after following her line of makeup for years. Scott-Vincent Borba was there and it was a real treat to meet him as I've long been a fan of Borba, adding his potions to my water almost every day. I'm in awe of his intelligence and the thought that goes into his products. I could go on and on about how wonderful, humble, smart, kind and just fantastic that this guy is! I'll be circling back to him in upcoming posts for sure. He let me in on a few upcoming products and WOW! I can't wait to share the news with you.

I spent a long time at the CVS suite, learning about the high end brands (like Laura Geller and Borba) that CVS will be selling at the Beauty 360 stores.

I met Marcia Brady aka Maureen MacCormack and Nancy O'Dell...both gracious and sweet. When you grow up watching the Brady Bunch then you come face to face with Marcia Brady, it's quite an interesting experience! All I need to do is meet Shirley Jones aka Mrs. Partridge then my life will be complete.

Because I have to be a huge dork at least once during this kind of event, I managed to come across as a total weirdo meeting Maria Menodous. Several years ago, I was on a tv show- I'm not mentioning any names- but in the dressing room, there was a live feed of Entertainment Tonight. I watched Maria do her takes and rehearse lines and it was very cute because she was making faces, joking around. I tried to relate the experience to her and my words got twisted and I couldn't string together a coherent sentence. I'm rolling my eyes at my supreme dorkiness as I write this. When I got home, I gazed upon my "Goal Board" and realized that I had ripped a photo of Maria's house out of an InStyle magazine and pinned it up because hers in the type of home I'd love to live in someday. I guess I could have come across even weirder than I actually did. What If I said, "I have pictures of your house." ?

I am excited to have made some fabulous contacts- people that I will be writing about in upcoming weeks. Below is a list of vendors who were at the Stuff You Must Lounge. It was a wonderful, classy event and I hope I'm invited back next time. Be sure to check out the companies, there were some really fun products.

Vendors Included:
Bertolli, Zero-calorie sweetener. Purevia, AMC, Arm&Hammer, Mosaic Portraits made from Junkmail- Schimmel Mosaic Portraits, BlackBerry Pearl Flip exclusively from T-Mobile, Buddha Board Buddha Board, D'ANNUNZIO GROUP INTERNATIONAL Fine Jewelry. GLAMOUR CAMPAIGN Luxury Apparel Collection, iHomeAudio, Keurig Premium Coffee, Genuine Australian-made Sheepskin Boots, Mikey Stars Baby Couture, Passchal Eco-Luxury Handbags Handcrafted from Discarded Recycled Tractor Inner Tubes, ProFlowers Field Fresh Flowers, Sodastream.

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