Monday, January 12, 2009

Blake Lively at the Golden Globes

Blake Lively is gorgeous no matter what she's doing. I love her beautiful hair and makeup and its no shock that Chanel was used to dress up her pretty face at the Golden Globes. If I could live on a desert island surrounded by nothing but Chanel, I'd be happy.

Last night makeup artist Angela Levin created her look and if you want to look exactly like Blake, here's how to do it:

Beauty Tip: To achieve Blake's fresh, young look, Angela blended all fourshades from the CHANEL QUADRA EYE SHADOW in MYSTIC EYES on her lids. Tomake her gorgeous eyes pop, she added several layers of CHANEL EXCEPTIONNELDE CHANEL MASCARA in SMOKY NOIR to her lashes. On Blake's cheeks Angela used LES TISSAGES DE CHANEL in TWEED ROSE, and toadd a bit of bronze shimmer, she added a touch of CHANEL SHEER BRILLIANCEin SUNKISSED. Finally, for a natural but sexy lip, Angela completed the look with CHANEL GLOSSIMER in BEIGE GUITARE.


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