Friday, January 23, 2009


Ive been interviewing authors and writing about books for a long time- first on Conversations With Famous Writers, then on Lately though, I'm focusing on this site and on my budding screenwriting career. So indulge me when I post on books, which I will be doing from time to time. I want to focus on chick-lit, cookbooks, fashion, beauty, art. If you are an agent, editor or author, you can get in touch with me via to have your book included here. I love to read, its such a passion. The last book I was head over heels in love with was Maria Semple's debut novel This One Is Mine. I loved it.

For years I've known about Candace Bushnell. Who hasn't at least heard of Sex and the City, which I almost always mistakenly call, Sex IN the City. I had never read a book by Candace Bushnell until I saw One Fifth Avenue and thought, What the heck? I was pleasantly surprised. As I often do, I prejudged Candace's writing ability, assuming her style would be fluffy and boring. I was so happy to find out I was wrong! Candace writes so well, her descriptions are fun, she shows a sense of humor and clearly she knows of which she speaks- New York City society.

I liked One Fifth Avenue so much that I just finished reading The Lipstick Jungle. Loved it! Again, I found myself lost in the New York City, entwined in the lives of these powerful, successful, wealthy women. What a great departure from real life! I highly recommend Ms. Bushnell's.



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