Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Core Fusion, Pilates Plus + Body Sculpt

Core Fusion is brought to you by the Exhale Spa. This chain of spas look absolutely beautiful. A day at Exhale with a Core Fusion class thrown in would be heavenly for me. Be sure to check the locations, one might be close to you!

I love Pilates. I have a little reformer that I like to stretch on a few times a week and celebrities swear by Pilates routines. You don't need your own personal Pilates guru to get a good workout- check out the Core Fusion Pilates Plus! This DVD is easier for me than the Body Sculpt, (below) but offers an equally excellent work out. Five workouts of ten minutes each is very doable. You can workout for as little as ten minutes as much as the entire DVD. I like that!

I'd like to think I'm in pretty good shape. Not perfect, but passable. I'm always striving to improve and I like to throw a workout video into the mix once in a while. I love yoga stretches, long walks and weights but in order to avoid hitting a plateau, I know its a good idea to add some different moves to the regimen. Pilates Plus is just what I needed. Your body will feel so good afterwards.

When I got the chance to review this DVD, I jumped!

I wasn't jumping however when my butt was kicked during the first little bit of doing the Body Sculpt workout! Yikes, this one is tough- in a good way! The zen set up of Body Sculpt is very calming, the exercises are really easy to do, yet challenging on the body. I couldn't even finish the glutes workout. This one will probably yield results in a short time! Definitely a must have for your workout, no gym necessary which is the best part. You need only a chair, some hand weights and a mat for the floor exercises. I like how the menu allows you to choose a full workout or simply target certain parts of the body (for me, the glutes!)
You can learn tons more about the Core Fusion exercises and even watch some videos on their website. Stroll on over here...and get inspired to exercise!

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Anonymous Sara said...

I just started the Body Sculpt DVD and I love it -- very excited to see the results from this workout.

I'm Thinking of getting the pilates one too. Does it just focus on the abs or does it target the lower bod as well?

5:02 PM  

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