Friday, January 09, 2009

Critics Choice Awards

Amanda Bynes wearing a very little, tight dress. I wonder if she's got Spanx on under there? She's really grown up since her Amanda Show days!

Anne Hathaway is rumored to win a Golden Globe award on Sunday night. We'll see....She looks nice here, put together and elegant. The dress reminds me of those Halloween costumes where people go as a half-bride and half-groom. But I'm not hating. She's lovely.

I do get sort of down when I see pictures of all the glamorous and beautiful people. Sometimes I gaze at Angelina and wonder how one person could hit such a genetic jackpot. And then I find a picture like this and think, well- we're all human. Everyone takes a bad picture now and then.
She looks botoxed to high heaven but she's only thirty-three.

Great dress, very very simple. I want to paint my walls that color. She has a little of the Teri Hatcher syndrome- too skinny and bony. Be fit and healthy- not skeletal.

Evan Rachel Wood gets the award for best makeup of the night for sure. I love her eye makeup, her face looks flawless and that lip color is perfect with the red hair. I've been wanting to color my hair red for so long. Nothing could be done to make this girl look better- she's amazing here!