Thursday, January 08, 2009

Daily Dollfaces- People's Choice Awards edition

Although her face looked really shiny, I thought Christina Applegate was lovely last night. I'm so glad she won- I like her on Samantha Who?

I understand Teri Hatcher's plight, I really do. You want to stay thin but you're aging and the only thing left to do, besides speedwalk for hours swinging handweights, is to starve yourself until you are the weight of a sick child. Teri, with all the love in my heart I can possibly muster, I want to give you permission to gain about twenty pounds. Its okay. You and I, we're headed towards middle age and there's nothing wrong with a little cushion here and there. Like on your knees. Give into the Olive Garden breadsticks! And panty hose.

Reese Witherspoon is always cute. On a run in the park, cute. Shopping in London, cute. Wearing matching flannel with Jake, cute. A little cellulite on the thigh shows she's just like the rest of us, at least me.

Katherine Heigl is the People's Choice! She was great in 27 Dresses. I loved that movie. And I like Katherine. So it was a good choice that the people made.

Sometimes, words fail me. Let me try- uh...pumps again?

Kate Hudson is so pretty. She's the one I have in mind when I'm typing away on my screenplay. Love the hair, makeup and not really the dress, but I love the color of the dress.

Jordin Sparks is a big talent! Speaking of big, it looks like her head was photoshopped onto the body!

I've seen a few nasty comments here and there on Jennie Garth's ensemble. But I like it! I love a glam, 50's siren look. I think the red compliments her skin tone, the hair is curled to perfection. She's covering up rather than stripping down and looking like a cougar from the Real Housewives of OC. Jennie, ignore the haters, Dollface loves you!

I can't say anything about Ellen's look because she always looks the same. Pants? Surprise.

Portia is beautiful but I'd nix the gray flannel tights in favor of knee high boots.

Debra Messing shells out around six grand, that's $6,000 per day for the savvy fashion expertise of Rachel Zoe. That's like a whole fifteen minutes of work for an actress! I'm not quite sure if this look is worth the cash. I'm not over the moon about the dress or the shoes.

Wow Dakota Fanning gets two thumbs up and a Hostess Pie! She looks fabulous! Age appropriate, light on the makeup and natural hair. Nice job Miss Fanning.

Someone's been hitting the tanning booth and the lip injections hard! And Im not talking about Jay Mohr.
photos- justjared, JJB