Friday, January 16, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Something about Pamela Anderson looks different to me. I don't know...I think its her nose, nostrils in particular. On a positive note, I like her subtle nail color.

I wasn't planning on seeing Inkheart but now I know there's a unicorn in it, count me in! Jennifer Connelly is so striking with that black hair, the thick brows and green eyes.

I'll take Botox for two! Do you think Heather and Jack get dual botox shots? His forehead looks veryyyyy smooth to me! And her cheeks are very full. I'd be all kinds of shocked if these two didnt visit the plastic surgeon for occassional touch ups.
I want to see her with an updated hair style. Something choppy, a little shorter maybe more golden than ash. I love her bag.

Its that girl from that show. I think her name is Audrina? I'm posting this for the silken camel-toe jumpsuit. It might be 1973 and she might be hailing a cab to take her to Studio 54 where she will meet up with Halston, Warhol and Minnelli.

Here's Anna Faris posting for a photo shoot. She's super cute! Tiny, petite and adorable in real life. Those shoes would cause me to have shin splits and probably a broken ankle.

I get the feeling these two aren't exactly BFF in real life. I've yet to see the movie but I want to!
Kate Hudson's leather skirt is hot! I had a skirt like that and it stuck to my legs when I sat down.
Anne's hair is in beautiful shape, so shiny and smooth. I think she could have gone further with the fashion choice and left the jeans at home for something a little...fancier.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the cutest is that Jennifer makes a cameo appearance as Paul's wife in the movie. I think it looks good too.

7:29 PM  

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