Monday, January 19, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

I think Zooey Deschanel is so pretty! I can't wait for her movie about Janis Joplin to come out.

Stunning woman but the dress length is not flatting to Salma Hayek's tiny, yet bosomy figure. The dress needs to be shortened quite a bit and the bodice is too low. I'd also go with a metallic strappy shoe.

Scarlett Johansson is the face of Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics which will debut this spring. The line will feature rose-scented lipsticks among other things priced from $20 on up. I can't wait to see the cosmetics. I have very high expectations.

I see some panty hose, weird boots, jock-strappy underwear, some kind of bandage that Hilary Swank wore in Boys Don't Cry to flatten out her boobs. I don't know if she's going for some kind of athletic inspired look or escapee from the loony bin! On the upside, I do like Madonna's soft makeup.

Is that Nana Cyrus or Phil Spector?

Kelly Osborne wears Pepto Pink lipstick.

Its amazing what you can do with black duct tape! I adore Kate Winslet, think she's just lovely, but the dress is a wee bit on the Lil' Kim side for my taste.

Joaquin Phoenix! He's definitely gone off the deep end, like when Daniel Day Lewis went to work as a shoe cobbler and turned all scraggly and homeless looking.

and from the blue chrysalis emerges Jennifer Lopez! Thats quite a large bow.

Jim'n Jenny! They look great together.

I'm not a fan of black tights but Jessica Alba pulls off the look nicely with the black accessories. Good job Alba!

Demi is gorgeous. In real life, her hair is so shiny, her skin is perfect, she is truly beautiful. Ashton is handsome and quite tall. I think he needs to lose the beanie hat here. A knit cap doesn't work with a suit. I'm not sure what to think of Robert, he's old.

They look gorgeous, Posh and Becks! He needs to remove the pinkish scarf, thats a little too feminine. I think Posh's dress is very flattering on her. I know she's a mommy but I cannot imagine her getting up in the middle of the night with a sick kid and doing other mother-like things.

Kate and Anne are making their way around the globe for the various premieres of Bride Wars. Everything looks good here except the zipper on Anne's shirt. I don't think it compliments the skirt. But what do I know?

Again, the girls of Bride Wars. I love Anne's shoes. Kate's dress is reallllllly short but she's got the legs for it!


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