Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

I dont understand the thought behind Paris Hilton (I'm calling her Wanda Lefkowitz, a less pretentious name) wearing a blonde Crystal Gayle wig?

Look at those cute little boots! Keri Russell is gorgeous even in the snow with a puffy jacket.

Love the entire outfit although it bothers me when pants are too long and they drag and you can't see the feet. It looks weird. Kate Hudson almost always looks hippy-ish and cute.

Eva Longoria would look cute if she lost the hat, unpegged the jeans and wore casual sandals.
J. Lopez's breast plate is made of jewels!
Paris Hilton is a Sanrio store come to life! Kind of an odd hat for a grown-up to wear. Mariah Carey, maybe.
Don't worry about Angelina. She doesn't need feet, she can walk on air!

No comment on her bouffanty hair or veiny hand. Hey, check out Brad's pashmina! How European of him!
Lindsay is wearing Kelly Osborne's (see below from yesterday) Pepto Pink lipstick. It's the new "in" color for spring. Makes the teeth look extra yellow.

Kirstin Stewart looks hiiiiiiiiiigh as a kite. Just kidding. She looks...tired.
JustJared and the JJB photos.


Blogger Justine said...

Wanda Lefkowitz! Hahaha it's perfect.

12:24 PM  
Blogger BeautyTalk said...

Lol! Your posts are fun! Idea with a wig in Paris Hilton's photo is weird. Does anybody think this looks sexy?
But i like JLo's dres!!! I keep seeing strange comments on this dress... :-( Maybe I am not completely objective as I just love JLo and her style...

10:30 AM  
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