Saturday, January 24, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Are the rumors true? Is Matthew really cheating on Sarah Jessica?
Kerry Washington gets and A for casual style.

If you're going to wear distressed jeans, all casual and funky, do not pair them with a fancy shoe! Eva Longoria would be better off wearing a boot or clog. Save the nice Louboutins for a party dress. With the Oscars coming up, there will be tons of opportunities to wear them.

Jennifer Connelly looks gorgeous! I think the black hair and red lipstick compliment each other perfectly.

I never liked dating men who were younger or shorter than myself. Katie has to stick with one-two inch heels so she doesnt tower over petite Tom. She looks great! But Im still not in love with black L'eggs pantyhose though...

Speaking of black pantyhose, Paris aka Wanda Lefkowitz is only wearing the knee length style. Check out her sternum baring dress and the 80's hair styles on her bodyguards.

I adore Rachel McAdams! She's so pretty. Here she is on the Sherlock Holmes set. She and Ryan Gosling made the best couple, on and off screen!

What an amazing coincidence! This is exactly what I wore yesterday to run errends and pick up the kids from school. Katie Price and I, we're like fashion twins.

Who is styling Kate Winslet these days? She looks beautiful, sticking to mostly knee length black dresses. A safe choice.

Jennifer Lopez looks cute, her cheeks look a little orange.

When "Doug Ross" heads back to the ER, will he style his hair in the "Caesar" cut?

Catherine Zeta Jones and her pappy.

Anne Hathaway looks chic at the airport. I'm sure she flies first class. I'd dress better if I got the royal treatment which I so richly deserve. (!)

Alicia Keys- very talented young woman! I love her pants. I have bright yellow ones like that but they make me like a two-legged banana.

I love Cameron's style. I'm not loving the wooden wedge heel on the boot but I like everything else.