Monday, January 12, 2009

GOLDEN GLOBES Fashion ~ Part Two

I predict the purple shade Maria Menudous is sporting on being HUGE this season. What a great color on her.

I'm finding myself at a loss for words on how to summerize Renee Zellweger's ensemble. I tend to stay away from anything sheer. Maybe a black lacey bustier would have been better than the nude one she's wearing. The hair...the can't see the bottom of the dress but it flares out like a gown from the Wild West. Renee is usually rather elegant but she's going to get my award for the worst dressed this year.

I want to lay down and cuddle up on the bottom of Olivia Wilde's dress! Her facial bone structure is amazing.

I want to hang out with Lisa Rinna on and off the red carpet! She's so much fun and has a great personality. I wouldn't expect anything less than a plunging neckline and a high slit to show off her body!
Giuliana Rancic looks like a Greek goddess here with her dark golden locks and drapped dress. I read a few critiques of her look and I'm going to disagree. The dress looks not only comfortable but flattering and fluid.

That dress must be a pain to iron! How do you keep it from getting wrinkled? I dont think Eva Longoria is worried. The bright red strapless number is bold, her simple hair is classic and accessories are just right. Two thumbs up Eva! Good job.

Again, mixed reviews but I happen to like Drew Barrymore's Marilyn Monroe coif. Why not? It's the Red Carpet! It's the Golden Globes! It's different than most of the demure chignons and upsweeps. Plus, Im from New Jersey so big hair always resonates with me.
Debra Messing always looks nice on the Red Carpet. I wasn't WOWed by her look but I didn't dislike it either (see Renee Zellweger). I'd like to see Debra pump up the volume on her look somehow.

This woman, Freida Pinto, is stunning! She's like Angelina Jolie mixed with a bit of Rosario Dawson. I wasn't overjoyed with her gown but let's not get too picky- she's gorgeous. I know for a fact that Jouer cosmetics played a part in her look.

Eva Mendes is one of the many that forks over six grand (could be more) to be styled by Ms. Rachel Zoe, stylist extrodinaire! Nine times out of ten, Eva gets it right. Love the turquoise necklace, up swept hair and dress.

Cameron Diaz and I have a similar style- I'd like to think. Whenever I see her in normal clothes, out shopping, shes wearing clothes that I could see myself in. However, I'm not loving the bow on the dress. Here's where we part ways. My Red Carpet style would be a little more elegant. Cameron is also styled by Rachel Zoe, just FYI. YES on the color of the dress, the shoes, accessories and makeup. NO on the style of the dress and Hell no!- on the nearly two toned hair.

I'd be so much happier if she threw some blonde highlights on the top of her locks. I HATE seeing roots, let alone dark roots that are four inches long. You expect to see that from a WalMart checker, not an A-lister.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Zellweger was chaneling her inner Kim Novak. Not looking as bad as most critics say. I thought Tomei was far, far worse.
And that Winslet rocked!

12:26 PM  
Blogger PrincessGreen17 said...

I said the same thing about Cam's hair when I saw it...I know she's not scraping by, she can afford highlights!

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To say that Freida is a mix of Angelina and Rosario plays down her stunning beauty. I think she is more radiant than both.

12:35 AM  
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