Monday, January 12, 2009

Hot Pants Lip Gloss

I've been meaning to review Hot Pants lip gloss for the longest time. Now the time has come to tell you about this great gloss. I'm always searching for fabulous glosses, you should see my little collection in every color, tint, shade etc. I can add Hot Pants to my stockpile now, another gloss to make my lips pouty, hydrated and kissable!

The really neat thing about this is the light! An LED light plus a mirror on the side allows you to apply or touch up with ease. Takes the guess work out of trying to apply gloss in the dark! I love the sexy shades this gloss comes in especially Gold Rush. Take a peek here. And although I haven't tried it, I think the lip plumper Supersize lips is a must have in any girls purse! I look forward to their HD makeup which is coming soon.


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