Monday, January 05, 2009

Photos from a trip to St. Maarten

The papayas were the size of my torso.

I didn't walk up these stairs, I was too busy taking pictures of the peeling paint.

The colors were amazing. Bright shades, butting up against one another was a visual treat to behold.

On this day, my husband was sick and stayed behind to rest. I grabbed my camera and set out on a long bus tour around the island.

Of course there's a lot of beauty all around but what captivated my eye were the unique places, the run-down, the old building sand the intriguing photo opportunities that abounded.

Just a little ship in a big, big sea. While writing is my passion, photography has become a hobby.

I was by myself in a strange place on a bus with no money. I bought a snow cone from a street vendor and didn't realize that I only had one dollar. The snow cone was two and they didn't take credit cards. I cobbled together about eighty pennies and almost cried. My husband carries the cash. He was back on the cruise ship. I was mortified.
One of the beaches we saw that day. The water and the sky was so blue. Don't you think the people on the beach are having a fabulous time?

Looking outside my balcony. The water was calm, the clouds so puffy and soft. The many shades and variations of blue make me smile.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your photos are gorgeous, C!

4:15 PM  
Blogger Roxy said...

Awesome pics!! Thanks so much for sharing ... I wanna go : (



9:50 PM  

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