Friday, January 23, 2009

Spring Collections you will go bananas for!

Usually I like to sample products so I can write a first hand review but with Lancome and Stila, I we all know that what you get is going to be top quality!

These two spring collections are making me drool on my keyboard! The Barbie Loves Stila Collection is ultra cute. I especially like vintage Barbies so even the picture of Babs makes me smile. You buy the collection at but once these collectors items sell out thats it. No more. Here's the official 411-

"Each beauty can is numbered and we will not be producing more than 10,000 of any one can. Since this is a collector’s item, the lower the number, the more valuable the set."

Ahhhh I'm a sucker for pinks! And look at that nail polish. I love black nail polish. I wear it all year long. The collection is called Pink Irreverence and it leaps into stores in February. This is a limited edition so you might want to race down to whereever it is you like to shop at and be first in line. What you need to know:
Pink Irreverence, the latest color collection from Aaron De Mey, Lancôme’s new artistic director for makeup, takes inspiration from irreverent French heroines Madame Bovary, Sylvie Fleurie, Marie Curie and Brigitte Bardot. Just like the colors in the collection, these women have marked their eras with panache and embody the essence of pure and daring femininity.
Yes! You have panache! You have daring femininity! I say go for it. Wear that black lipgloss over hot pink lipstick and own the look. Waltz over to Lancome for more information and a look at the entire collection.

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