Friday, January 23, 2009

Venus Spa Breeze and Venus Embrace- for sexy legs!

I want to introduce you to the newest members of the Venus family, the Venus Embrace (above) and the Spa Breeze (below). Shaving the legs is such a chore! But the Embrace makes it bearable. What I like about this product is the cool gel handle, making it non-slippery. I really like the way the five "curve hugging blades" glide up and down the legs. The movable head allows a close shave on all contours of the legs, bikini area and arms. It comes with a shower mountable container to hold it as well. There's a moisture strip which imparts a bit of hydration while you shave, a definite plus if you are lazy like me and don't always use shave gel. I love the feeling of freshly shaven legs sliding into bed on cool clean sheets!

Ever since the Venus razor came out, that's the one I choose. I think it's so perfectly designed for a woman's legs. And I suppose a guys too if he choose to go that route.
Ahhhh, the big daddy of razors is right here! This is the one that makes me shave my legs even when I don't need to. The Venus Spa Breeze has two built in gel bars which smell divine and give your legs lots of moisture making shaving a true breeze. My legs are super soft after shaving with the Spa Breeze. Again, the Venus has that razor that is spring mounted to move along with your body, allowing for a close shave. There are few, if any, nicks and dings on my legs when I'm done shaving with the Venus Spa Breeze. And that's nice. Sometimes, in a pinch, I use my husbands boring, awful razor and I end up with bloody gams. Not with these!

Check out the Venus website to learn more. I endorse these razors for women with my whole 100%!

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