Sunday, February 22, 2009

Backstage at the Independent Spirit Film Awards

Justine Bateman with Koolaburra Boots

Dana Delaney with Wacoal lingerie

Jessica Alba

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to attend the gift lounge presented by On 3 Productions for the Independent Spirit Awards. It was a huge honor for me to be there and I was in awe of the venue. The event was held in tents next to the beach. You would never guess you were inside a giant tent from the inside, everything was elegant and lovely. The vendors were there to talk about their products and display what they had to offer.
I always enjoy walking around and talking to people and learning about new products. Every time I attend an event like this, I walk around with a smile on my face, so grateful and excited to attend!
The vendors included:

PALM® Pre™:
I have the most basic telephone that doesn't do anything fancy. I don't know how to text, I can't take pictures and I might even have better communication using smoke signals. What I need is this PALM Pre which does everything except make you coffee.

AMC ENTERTAINMENT Exclusive AMC Signature Pass:
There's nothing I like more than going to the movies- except maybe a good book. AMC was giving the celebrities passes for a year to attend AMC movies. Lucky celebs!!

I've been using the Advance White Toothpaste and Whitening Booster. I really like the toothpaste and the whitening booster is a cinch to use. You put a little on your toothbrush and brush your teeth, its that easy. If you are a tea and coffee drinker like myself, this helps get rid of stains and brightens your smile.

BLUE NOTCH Denim Jeans: Premium Japanese Denim for Men & Women.
I'd love a pair of these super lightweight jeans. The denim was ultra-soft and comfortable looking. These are hot jeans and celebs are wearing them.

I'm certain that the movie stars will be carrying the Carolos Falchi bags tonight at the Oscars. Small and elegant, these bags are perfect for lipstick and the necessities for an evening out on the town. Or at an awards show.

CRUNCH 1-Year Gym Membership.
Who doesn't know Crunch? The gym is famous! They have some very interesting and unique classes like using a flowing hammock while doing yoga. Now there's a class I'd be interested in!

GLOWELLE Beauty Drink Dietary Supplement
I will be following this up with a review- the drink provides anti-oxidants and in thirty days of drinking Glowelle, you will be radiant from consuming this healthy beverage chock full of good-for-you ingredients. And its very tasty!

KOOLABURRA Genuine Australian-made Sheepskin Boots:
I'm wearing mine right now. These are beyond comfortable and keep my feet so toasty warm. I wished I had mine yesterday when it was overcast and chilly! These are the new funky boots that everyone in Hollywood is wearing. Jessica Biel loves hers and that's a fact.

These bags use environmentally friendly materials, dyes and processes. They have a hippie flair which I like. The bags are very sturdy and stylish and funky. I want one.

Lasik is so popular now, everyone's doing it, even my mother in law. They were giving out Blink Tears which are "advanced eye drops that relieve dry eyes and replenish your tears with every blink."

I'm definitely following this one up in person. The resort is a vacation, a spa, a luxury experience, all within an hour of Los Angeles. The spa offers all types of packages depending on what you are looking for. Imagine luxuriating in your soft robe all day, going from facial to massage to a healthy lunch to a mani/pedi, all in one place. I think this is the ultimate in relaxation. Its been six years since I've gotten a facial or massage and I have never been to a spa like this. It's time.

WACOAL Shapewear and Lingerie from B.TEMPT'D BY WACOAL:
These pieces are sexy and fun! I could use a few tempting pieces in my wardrobe. My favorite was the pink and black polka dots. The shapewear sucks you in and holds you tight, eliminating and lumps and bumps. I believe you could transform your body by wearing these pieces! /

These need no write-up. Altoids equal fresh breath. Who doesn't need or want that? A must-have in your evening bag. Or purse, briefcase or backpack!

Organic snack bars- there are times when I grab one on the go. If I'm running errands and get hungry on the road, I rather eat this healthy bar than drive-thru fast food.
A big thank you to all the vendors who took the time to explain their products and talk to me. And On 3 really knows how to throw an elegant affair. It was an unforgettable day for this little writer!



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