Monday, February 09, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Penelope has beautiful doe eyes and lovely dark hair but those bangs! A little too short in my humble opinion. Hey, been there- done that. Luckily hair grows.

Speaking of ill bangs....nevermind. Christina's retro makeup is done perfectly.

Nicole Richie's head-jewel remind me of the backup singer from Dancing with the Stars. If you watch the show, you know who I mean. There's a trend I'll pass on!

Jennifer Aniston is looking smoking hot! Love the dress and shoes and as always, her hair is gorgeous. We almost share the same birthday! Her's is the 11th and mine is...a few days after. Both Aquarians, we're like- twins! But not. Not at all.

It's Heidi Klum, without her posse! Love the outfit, I'd wear it all except for the long coat because I'd feel like a cast member from the Matrix.

The newlyweds, Fergie and Josh. I like her dress but feel that the long beads and the brooch in her hair is all too much. If you asked my opinion, that's what I'd tell you.

Oh boy. Well, my advice is never to wear an outfit that shows off your love handles, saddle bags or camel toe. Fantasia is putting everything out there, literally.

Cute Dakota Fanning! The folds in her dress remind of the designer, Leanne, from Project Runway. She was always folding and tucking material on her gowns.

Just look at those gams! Carrie Underwood has the best legs.
I wish I had them on my body! I do squats and all of that jazz but I have a feeling Carrie runs and I seriously hate running.
I know everyone's all excited that Angelina is wearing color! Oh goodness! It's a miracle! I'd like the dress better if it were a tad shorter, if her shoes were more of a sexy stiletto. The outfit doesn't WOW me. I'd say lop off some of the length, pair the dress with a patent leather shoe, and Brad- lose the scarf!


Anonymous Violetsrose said...

Angelina never looks happy - this is one of the very rare photos where shes actually smiling but she still doesn't look happy - and these two are like an old couple - old before their time - their outfits lately are the kind of things people in their 50-60s would wear - its kinda sad.

8:47 AM  
Blogger PrincessGreen17 said...

Oh my god, Penelope looks so gorgeous even with the too-short bangs! I give up!

10:59 AM  
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