Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Lindsay Lohan is looking skinny and quite frankly, unwell. She recently insisted she's fine! She said in a quote, that she just ate a McDonald's Big Mac and is perfectly healthy. If eating at McDonalds is a measuring stick for health, I think she needs to watch Supersize Me. And this morning on the radio, I heard that the place with the most fattening french fries is...McDonalds!

Kate Moss, from New York magazine. No photoshop or trickery here- supposedly. I can't decide whether or not she's gorgeous or just photogenic. Either way, I'm pleased to see fine lines around her eyes too. I've been wondering if I'm ready for botox.

Rule no. 1, always match your vintage gown to the rug! Rachel Zoe is so much fun to watch, I can't wait for her Bravo show to return. The girl knows fashion. Naturally she's at Fashion Week in New York right now. I kind of wish I was. What fun!
I think she's pretty but is Jessica Biel naturally good looking or did she get a nose job and lip injections? I always wonder whenever I see her. Hmmmmm. Something to ponder.

Eva Longoria Parker, Robert Verdi and Rachel Zoe. I swear before he got famous, Robert Verdi went by the name Bob Green.
Hilary Duff is gorgeous, her skin is a little dewy but some people like that look. Me, I blot and powder and go crazy when my skin gets shiny. I like her makeup but feel the style of the red dress ages her. She's very young, now is the time to vamp it up!
Speaking of vamping it up, if Isla Fischer's dress was any shorter, we could perform a visual gyno exam. No thanks! There's no room for Spanx under a dress that size. I love her shoes. I'm so pleased she didnt wear a boring pump.

Jennifer Lopez- I need time to review the feather dusters on the back of her heels. That would drive me nuts, feeling those things flutter and flap as I walked. And her legs always look odd, like peg legs. I think this is a strange camera angle because her forehead seems to be the size of her torso.
Kellie Pickler either has a makeup artist who is trying to embarrass her, or she didn't check the mirror after dusting her face with loose powder. Or she was in the kitchen, baking.

We all know that Jennie Garth uses botox, so don't be shocked that her skin looks so good. Poor Tori! She's really a cute girl, this is a most unfortunate photo of her.

It was quite some time ago when Cameron Diaz admitted to the nose job, using the old excuse that she couldn't breathe very well thanks to a past accident. I never noticed a big difference in her appearance until this picture! She looks so different here. It's her nose, it looks more sculpted and narrow. I think she might have hit the botox needle too.


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