Friday, February 20, 2009

The Great Suave Challenge

Suave is so sure of the integriety of their products that they set me up with other brands to compare how Suave performs when put to the test.

First was the Freeze Hold Non-Aerosal hairspray- compared to Sebastian Shpritz Forte hairspray. The two products were neck and neck but I have to give the edge to Suave because I like the scent better. And my favorite all time hairspray for under $5 is the Suave Shaping and Finishing Spray which will hold your coif still in a hurricane. Your hair isn't going anywhere!

Next up is the Skin Therapy Advanced Therapy Lotion, put against Jergens Cherry Almond moisturizer. Oh, I do love the smell of the Jergens. The Suave moisturizer has a clean fragrance which is ideal if you plan on wearing perfume after you apply it. As far as performance of the products, I can't spot a clear winner. Its a tie. Both products nourish and moisturize the skin. Maybe Ill give the edge to Suave only because it does give immediate and long lasting relief to dry skin. I used it on my dry hands which are always stuck in dishwater and instantly my hands felt better.

Humectant Shampoo and Conditioner vs. NEXXUS Therappe. While both brands smell delicious, the Suave products have a slightly better scent. Its like a tropical drink made with coconuts. Both products pamper the hair and do a good job of imparting moisture. Because the products are so close in how they perform, I have to go with Suave because of the price difference.

The Sweet Pea and Violet Body Wash went up against Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea shower gel. The scents were marginally different, both had the sweet floral fragrance. Honestly, you cannot beat the Suave Body Wash for what you get for the money. All of the shower gels/body washes from Suave are amazing with a sudsy lather that rinses easily and the products smell incredible. I can't believe they are priced under $3.

24 Hour Protection Invisible Solid Sweet Pea and Violet Deodorant glides on clear and offers protection for 24 hours. Now, I haven't gone 24 hours without a shower so I didn't put this to a rigorous test. But I liked what I used and no one was moving away from me so let's take this as a good sign. Side note, I used to use the Suave aerosol deodorant many years ago and I loved the scent and how well it worked. I'm not sure if its even on the market these days.

All in all, the products were so close in how they worked and what they did. I've been very impressed with Suave in that the brand keeps coming out with new products to keep up with the demands of people like us- beauty lovers who want the best! There is a product to suit your every need. For the price difference, I will always lean towards Suave because the quality is truly there. My favorites are the hairspray and the body wash. Suave's body washes are seriously amazing. The Lavender/Vanilla is divine.

While the other brands are fantastic too, you just can't beat the value of Suave. Under five dollars? Suave is able to purchase enormous quantities of ingredients at a discounted price, thus passing on the savings to the consumer. They don't skimp which is what I initially thought. I asked this of the Suave executives when I met with them in October. So feel confident when you buy Suave. Save money- use Suave!

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