Thursday, February 12, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You beauty inspired by the movie!

I really enjoyed the fillm, He's Just Not That Into You starring very beautiful and talented actresses like Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly and Scarlett Johansson. I couldn't help but notice the makeup in the movie. I'd love to know what was used on each girl so I just used my fertile imagination and created the following. I've used all the products mentioned and they each have my Hello Dollface stamp of approval!

Drew Barrymore has a cool, funky style whether she's in front of the camera or just out doing her thing! In the movie she displays a bohemian style that I loved. For a look like hers, check out the new L'oreal HIP Color Presso which features dual shades. Use one at a time or squeeze together for two shades together. The color is shiny and long lasting! Another cool product by L'oreal is the HIP Kohl Pigments eyeliner, my favorite funky shade is the Teal Kohl. Hair used could very well be the Perfect 10 by Clairol. Apply hair color, work it thru and in ten minutes, your hair is expertly colored and will last about a month. I use it in between salon visits and do a root touch up when my darker hair starts so rudely growing in.

Drew's eclectic style wouldn't be complete without a unique necklace from Tina Steinberg Designs. She creates the most unusual and beautiful pieces. If Ms Barrymore isn't already a fan, she will be soon. Tina's jewelry is stunning! The perfect compliment to any outfit.

Jennifer Connelly's character, I imagine, would be simple and straightforward with her beauty routine. She would use Living Proof No Frizz to get her gorgeous dark hair smooth and straight. She'd be a devotee of Bare Mineral's skincare routine of Rare Minerals, using the night time Revival Skin Treatment. This product feeds your face, literally. I love how I can go to bed with this on my face and it doesn't get on the pillow. Skin absorbs the minerals which revive the skin and improve texture and clarity. Rare Mineral Moisturizer nourishes and hydrates skin. And the Rare Mineral's Moisture Burst Facial Mist is a must for keeping on hand to give a burst of hydration, perking skin up no matter what time of day. Especially if you are stuck in an office all day. This will give your face a glow!

This girl is no nonsense, and her makeup reflects that. A dab of Smith's Rosebud Salve on lips and cuticles to keep things moisturized. Tarte's ReCreate natural anti-aging foundation with Wrinkle Rewind™ Technology SPF 15 is what she would wear during the day. This foundation helps fight the appearance of wrinkles while giving light, sheer coverage. Treating any blemishes is a cinch because she uses The Eraser. Get rid of the look of pimples, dark circles, shadows and pulls double duty as a lipstick and eye shadow base!

It's no secret that I'm a Jennifer Aniston fan and I loved her look in the movie. Her beautiful hair was pin straight. For hair that lays flat but retains body and volume, check out Pantene's Ice Shine. Jen's skin in the movie had a terrific bronze glow. For a safe tan, use Avene's Very High Protection SPF 50 Cream, along with the Moisturizing Self-Tanning lotion and the Soothing Moisture Mask for after time in the sun. I know her fragrance would be light and uncomplicated, like Sharon Bolton's Luv perfume oil, a delicious mix of floral and creamy musk!

Her nails were simple and clean, lightly polished and I want to point you to PeaceKeeper Nail Paint. Not only is PeaceKeeper a highly worthwhile brand to support, their line of nail colors was rated one of the safest paint based polishes in the world! The polish is a great consistency and dries quickly. It contains Argan Oil from Turkey and the wonderful top/base coat features Vitamin A & E along with amino acids. Coming clean is simple with the rosemary and spearmint scented Nail Polish Remover. The polish remover is biodegradable, vegan, contains no synthetic or petrochemicals and removes even the toughest nail polish!
When I saw Ginnifer Goodwin on the big screen, I was in awe over her beautiful skin and smile! I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that Stila cosmetics were used. I'm going to imagine that's what the makeup artist used. Stila is synonmous with feminine beauty, flirty colors and gorgeous products with to- die- for consistency. From their Convertible Color to their Plumping Lip Glaze, Stila offers everything a girl needs to look and feel pretty. I love the

One scene that made me laugh was when her character Gigi applied Crest WhiteStrips. The newer ones have been recreated since a few years back when I first tried them. The Crest WhiteStrips Advanced Seal adheres to your teeth without slipping and making you gag! They remove easily and don't leave residue.

For adorable purple nails like the ones Ginnifer sports in the movie, try the Lippmann Collection polish called Purple Rain, created with Zac Posen. Its not even in stores yet. Click here! And for gorgeously shaped brows, head over to VanityMark for all your brow grooming needs. Makeup artist Brett Freedman is so awesome, I love his products especially the brow kit.

Vampy Scarlett Johannsson has the blondest of blonde hair in the movie and to touch up dark roots, I urge you to use the Root Touch-Up from Nice n'Easy. It takes 10 minutes and it couldnt be simpler to use! She has puffy, full lips and these too can be yours with Physician's Formula Plump Potion Plumping Lipstick which enhances the shape and contour of your lips with no pain! Since I love a shiny lip, I apply Borba Lip Tint. This lip product is infused with anti-oxidants and is actually good for you!

I think Scarlett would have soft skin and since she and Drew Barrymore shopped at CVS in the film, she could buy the St. Ives Smoothing Mineral Therapy Body Polish, Body Wash and Moisturizer. Luxurious and hydrating, this deliciously fragrant product line imparts not only a clean scent but lots of suppleness to your skin making it soft to the touch.

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