Monday, February 09, 2009

Read it, Watch it!

I came down with a nasty bout of the flu on Friday and have been sick through the weekend. I look like a poor, malnourished, neglected orphan from a Dicken's tale at the moment. Over the last few days, I occupied my time by sleeping, listening to the rain pelt the house, sipping Gatorade and watching movies. I watched a handful of Lifetime movies, read Lie To Me by Hallie Ephron and this morning I got around to watching Ghost Town, a film I rented last week before I got sick. Here's the movie trailer:

I don't know that it was a huge box office success but I loved it. A funny little movie about an uptight, selfish dentist who, after a near death experience, can communicate with dead people, namely Greg Kinnear who has some unfinished business to tend to.
Last night my pounding head couldn't take watching an episode of Desperate Housewives which is where you will usually find me on Sunday nights, so I began reading Lauren Lipton's new book called Mating Rituals of the North American WASP. I can't wait to finish it, I'm loving it so far! She's a terrific author and her first novel, It's About Your Husband, was excellent. She's an author to seek out if you haven't read her work before. Also, a great person. Here's a link to her website. The book won't be out until May-I got a sneak peek- and I will surely remind you again!
Please remember to wash your hands and take your vitamins. This flu that's going around is truly awful!

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