Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Red Carpet Ready Kit

Here's a little kit that every Academy Award goer needs to keep handy. You know, toss it in the limo or have your bodyguard keep it close just in case. For emergency fashion repairs, I present to you, Red Carpet Ready Kit. It has what you need to remedy every possible wardrobe malfunction! It's what you need in order to get ready and stay fully clothed.

In the kit you will find:

Dress & Lingerie Tape with Dispenser – This easy to apply double-sided tape is not only transparent, it is guaranteed to hold even the most daring dresses and tops in place.

Ultimate Silicone Get Petals (with travel case) - These extremely soft and now REUSEABLE gel petals provide a smooth look with or without a bra. Easy to apply and even easier to remove, these petals can be worn up to 25 times!

One Size Adhesive Bra – This reusable adhesive bra, provides the support and coverage needed without all the straps. This one-size wonder can be cut to any woman’s perfect size (A-DD).

Strap Tamers – At last, the easiest and most effective way to stop falling bra straps. These bra concealers, made from high tech durable plastic and stainless steel, are ideal for everything from wedding gowns to active wear and sleeveless.

Perhaps you (or I) won't make it to this years awards show but we might be going to a special function that requires this kit. I think it's brilliant, especially for weddings or other special occasions. I bet ultra stylists in Hollywood carry these things around with them all the time along with band aid, Altoids, gum and Xanax.

The Red Carpet Ready Kit will be available February 2009 at most Dillards & Bloomingdales stores nationwide.


Blogger Graceylyn said...

Don't u LOVE this bag! I am sooo excited about it! We have it in Black and Red. I'm an assistant buyer for Dillard's Lingerie. We are the ones who bought this and when I saw this bag my heart jumped! Unfortunately I have been victimized by the dreaded Wardrobe Malfunction Beast...but never again ;-) Melisa Rivers will actually be making a few personal appearances at Dillard's stores to promote this product and give a few lucky customers an hour long fashion consultation! How cool is that :-)

11:53 AM  
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