Monday, March 02, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

You do know that Scarlett Johansson is the new face of Dolce and Gabbana cosmetics, right? They need to hit her with some blush, she always looks so pale.
She's wearing elfin shoes. I'd love to be her stylist.
The pattern on Salma's dress match up to where you can find her uterus. Her baby is adorable. After marrying that French guy, Salma now has more money than I will ever see in my entire life. She could buy me.
Everytime I see Teri Hatcher, including in person, I want to invite her over and force feed her tea cakes and ice cream. She's so super skinny, she's like half a person.

This photo reminds me of the part in the Breakfast Club when Ally Sheedy shakes dandruff out of her hair. Alas, its Madonna and Jesus out for a stroll in the snow.

Miley is a joy to watch in interviews. She's always like, "Wha...? Duh....Yuhhh.."
She recently mentioned that she's hoping for an Oscar next year! Watch out, her new movie opens in April. I smell Academy Award all over...something else.

I have a feeling Suri's the boss in the Cruise-Holmes house. You can hardly see it but I love Katie's pale green nail polish!

Hmmm. Do I like Kate Hudson's outfit? I don't know. I love the color. I want the pants to be a smidge longer. You have to have full body Spanx or lots of confidence to pull off a satin suit.

I love Jen's shoes and her top with all the chains. Not jumping out of my seat for the skirt but on her it works. After seeing Marley and Me, my mother in law turned to me and whispered, "That Owen Wilson needs a nose job!"

I want to cut the lamp shade trim off the bottom of the dress!

Gwen Stefani should give me that shirt because I'm sure I couldn't afford it otherwise. Anything with a bohemian feel to it, I'm all over it. I'd wear the shoes too. He's cute but she can keep the baby.

Gorgeous Freida Pinto. I knew she'd be all over the place after the success of Slumdog Millionaire. Covers of fashion magazines but hopefully not tabloids. She's going to be a muse to a designer for sure!

Eva Longoria looks very nice in a demure, simple dress and pumps.

I think her dress has a very odd hemline. At first I thought it was hitched up accidently but no, its got a weird shape. Ashlee went a little deeper with the red hair color, she looks amazing. I think Pete should be wearing a propeller beanie to complete his look.

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