Sunday, March 08, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Watch it- Shiloh Jolie-Pitt will grow up to be one of the most beautiful children, pre-teens, teens and adults in the world. She is destined to be a great beauty.

Victoria Beckham, reporting for duty! I think she's going for a "look" but what look it is, I'm not sure.

This is the homeless guy who lives under the overpass. No, its Mickey Rourke, Academy Award nominee. We know he wasn't nominated for style. The lady behind him is calling the Fashion Police.

Not everyone can pull off this jumpsuit- or dance moves.
Cameron Diaz shows us how its done but I don't want to do it.

Heidi and Seal and kids. Heidi is wearing the newest Snuggie in black!

Here's one of the most popular- and highest paid- movie stars of our generation, Reese Witherspoon.

Sarah Michelle Geller is so cute, I always love her hair and makeup.

Madonna in...what? Mrs. Roper's cast-offs? I'm waiting for Lourdes to be the next Miley Cyrus.
If you haven't seen Pamela Anderson's nipple slip from this Vivienne Westwood fashion show then you need to spend more time on the internet.

Kate Hudson sans makeup but plus bell bottom jeans.

Justin Timberlake is so funny, I love his personality. Jessica Biel however doesn't strike me as funny. She must be silly when the cameras are not in her face.
Here's the gorgeous Julia Roberts we all know and love. You know when a star has a movie to promote because they suddenly become more visible. I like her bohemian purse and her wavy hair!
I want to wear shoes like Heidi Montag's but fear I will topple over and crack a bone in my ankle. Those aren't made for walking. Strolling the strip, dancing around a pole, yes but not walking.

I don't know what happened to Catherine Zeta Jones but she used to be stunning! Granted, she's lovely but she's not WOWing me like she used to. I think its her makeup colors.
Cameron Diaz, all bundled up. I miss living close to New York City but I sure don't miss the winters filled with hats, scarves, mittens, static hair, cold noses, watery eyes.

Here I am, on the set of my new movie.
I wish! I'm bringing this picture to a plastic surgeon's office and telling him to get as close as he can. This profile is perfection.