Monday, March 02, 2009

Foundation Face Off!

I have been searching high and low for the best foundation. My tests have taken me as close as the local CVS and as far away as Sephora. I believe there is a "perfect" foundation, powder and tinted moisturizer for everyone, its just narrowing it down and trying them out, determining what suits your particular skin texture.

I have giant pores that resemble the pattern of fishnet stockings. Lately, I've noticed dark under- eye circles making me look like a crack addict at 3 a.m. My skin tends to be greasy but only in the T-zone. Most days I feel like a depressed divorcee who begins hitting the Boones Farm at 4:30 p.m. so I'm relying heavily on the magic of make up. Here's what I've discovered.

The Skin Genesis Pore Minimizer isn't a one time deal. You have to use it on a regular basis for it to work in shrinking the pores. I like to use it with the L'Oreal Infallible 16 Hour Never Fail Powder. The powder comes in a variety of shades and it offers an SPF 20 sunscreen. It's a cream-to-powder formula which offers medium coverage. I love the creamy formula. This is an excellent choice for a decent price and I was impressed with this product. Im also addicted to the tube mascara but thats a different post.

Tarte Recreate Spf 15
works to fights wrinkles and also imparts moisture. What could be better than a multi-tasking foundation? The coverage is light and you can apply more to build on it. I like using this with the fabulous concealer, The Eraser- 4 in 1 Natural Concealer.
It treats blemishes and can be used as a eyeshadow/lipstick base. Both products contain a range of natural ingredients which I appreciate. I love everything Tarte and am happy they take a natural approach with the ingredients they use.

Prescriptives Photochrome Light Adjusting Makeup
is an oil free foundation with an spf of 15. Its a great choice if you are looking for a foundation with light reflecting particles to make skin glow. It promises to soften lines, reduce the appearance of pores and give a flawless finish. I like the creamy consistency and the little sponge allows you to blend well. {Sidenote: you need to frequently wash the sponge to get rid of bacteria} I think this is very good foundation with high marks for consistency, texture and overall performance.
Photochrome foundation works well with the Flawless Face Primer. The primer is smooth and silky and creates the perfect base for the Photochrome foundation.

The MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation, spf 15 is my favorite at this moment. I thought the foundation might be heavy and pancake-like but it's not. Hurray! The coverage is medium but it won't appear that you have a mask on. A little dab of this gel-like formula is all you need for the entire face. I thought my pores and blemishes disappeared (for the most part). For extra help around the eye area, I use the matte finish Studio Sculpt Concealer which does an A+ job of covering up my dark circles and blemishes. I mix the concealer with a little eye cream to keep the area moisturized and that helps the product from sinking in to my many fine lines.
Good job, MAC!

Laura's line of products are all of a high quality. Her Spackle is one of the best primers available and its frequently mentioned on beauty sites and in magazines. Phenomenal Foundation gives light coverage, but you can build on it for heavier coverage. You only need a little bit and it blends nicely. A huge plus is that it lasts all day.
I needed to powder the T-zone mid-day but I did not need to reapply foundation. Along with Laura's foundation, I used Optilusion Complexion Powder SPF 8, a fine textured powder that acts as a highlighter or concealer. Light diffusing particles act as a highlighter which gives the face a nice glow. For the perfect finish, sweep this on before you head out.

Stila is one of my all time favorite brands. Actually, all the brands mentioned here are favorites! Stila's oil free makeup gives skin a soft, dewy look. Its medium coverage never looks cake-y, unless you pile it on and why would you do that? You need a light touch to simply even out the skin tone, not hide your skin. The Illuminating Concealer is perfect for under the eyes, everyone should own it. Again, light touch!
The Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15/30 is ideal for when I'm home, wanting to not look pale. A hint of color wakes up my face and I appreciate the sun protection. Hydrating Finishing Powder completes any look, giving you a perfect skin tone and absorbing extra face oil (hello!). Illuminating Powder minimizes blemishes, smooths the skin and reflects light. Take it with you for touch-ups. Stila's Rose Gold finishing powder can be used as a blush on its own, the flattering color will give your face some warmth especially for those with yellow undertones. I swirl this over my face after the Sheer Tinted Moisturizer.
In closing, there are many, many products that will smooth out the skin tone, decrease the look of imperfections, help with the appearance of large pores, trim down the oil during mid-day and erase the sallow undertones and dark circles. You just have to find what works for you.



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