Friday, March 13, 2009

New from STILA

I'm such a huge lip gloss lover. If nothing else, I will wear gloss every day. This new one from Stila, the Pearl Shimmer Gloss contains real crushed pearls which gives the gloss a nice shimmer. The soft colors are sheer, shiny, and of course contains that pretty sparkle. The gloss is infused with emollient oils, esters and vitamins A, C and E to nourish your lips all day. I love the gorgeous colors, these are all right up my alley.

I think that peach shade are going to be very "in" for spring so with that in mind, I'm digging South Sea Coral.

Ahhh, a mascara that lives up to my high standards! You know I like my lashes and my hair BIG. I don't like spider lashes that clump together and look like dog collar spikes but I like lashes to be thick and long. Happily, the Stila Convertible Mascara delivers. On one end you have a big brush imparting color and thickness on each lash. Turn the tube around and there's a smaller brush, allowing you to get corners and the lower lash line. I was surprised that after one coat, my lashes looked very long and color was distributed evenly. Yay!
Also, the Convertible Lash Mascara encases lashes in the tubes that I am so fond of. You don't need eye make-up remover to wash it off, simply press a warm washcloth to your eye and allow the tubes to slip off. I can't tell you how much I love the tube technology!
Stila is offering a 20% shopping discount & free shipping on any order you place from now until April 11th! Use the code STIMULUS at the checkout. Happy shopping!