Thursday, March 26, 2009

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This novel is coming out on April 7th but I got a sneak peek. Elizabeth Brundage is the author of the highly regarded book, The Doctors Wife. And her fans will rip right through this novel too. Somebody Else's Daughter is the complex story of Nate, the father who gave up his his baby daughter for adoption as his sick wife dies. He is reunited with his daughter Willa, when he begins teaching at a private school in the Berkshires. Only she doesn't know the handsome teacher is her dad. There are other circumstances and characters giving this novel a lot of weight. An element of suspense keeps you flipping pages. This is not one of those light funny novels that will take you one day to read. This is a complicated, serious novel that you dig into and ponder about as you're reading.

If I were Nate, I would have blurted out immediately that Willa was my daughter. Then again, maybe I wouldn't. A good book should make you question choices and make you think. Elizabeth Brundage is a skilled writer who, with deft hand, draws you in to the troubled lives in Somebody Else's Daughter.

One morning when my kids were fighting over something silly and I couldn't take it anymore, I turned the television on to take the focus off whatever is it they were fighting about. Do they need a reason to argue? No. But they do, all the time, every day.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 happened to be on. At once my kids quieted down and over the weeks, began to look forward to the watching the Gosselin family in the mornings. Thank goodness for this show because once we began tuning in, their arguing stopped!

I recently read Multiple Blessings by Kate Gosselin. Many people criticize her for being a controlling Type A who berates her husband but I've grown to like her. Sure she's has strong personality but thats probably whats needed to run a family of ten. After reading the book, I felt she was a genuine person who loves God and her family.

The book didn't take too long to read and I thought it was engaging and interesting. Imagine being pregnant with SIX babies! I could barely do it with one at a time. And then taking those six babies home and caring for them? Not everyone would be up for the challenge. I'd love to read a follow up and learn how their family functions with boom mikes and cameras in their faces everyday. Hey, if being on TLC enables them to live in a nice house and afford little luxuries, I'm all for it. Click here for more.


Blogger LKG said...

In the past I have enjoyed your blog and have subscribed to your RSS feed for all the latest posts. However, today I have deleted your RSS feed and I will no longer read your blog. The reason is your promotion of the Gosselin exploitation machine. Jon and Kate Gosselin are users and abusers and the fact that you let your children watch her verbal abuse is unbelievable to me. Is she really an example for your children? Jon and Kate Plus 8 is thirty minutes of watching Jon and Kate use their children to gather as many freebies as they can. It is sickening.

9:26 AM  
Blogger PrincessGreen17 said...

Oh good lord! People need to relax and get a life. They weren't trying to have 6 kids in one pregnancy. I love your blog and I will always read it. I come for your Daily Dollfaces, stay for the makeup info and reviews, and you always have interesting book suggestions. I agreed with you when you said "Many people criticize her for being a controlling Type A who berates her husband but I've grown to like her. Sure she's has strong personality but thats probably whats needed to run a family of ten." People make fun of Kate or call her names but like you said not everyone could do it. "Verbal abuse?" They are in love, not every couple talks to each other the same way. Good riddance LKG.

10:02 AM  
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