Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Talking with Jennifer Yen from Pur~lisse

Pur~lisse products are so gentle and natural that your skin will thank you for using it.
This anti-oxidant tea is delicious. I drink it in the afternoons.

Jennifer Yen is the brains behind the brand Pur~lisse. In case you didnt see my review, this line of skincare products is so gentle, so pure, that even a baby could use them. A friend of mine has ultra-sensitive skin and even the most gentle, holistic products make her skin break out. To the rescue comes Pur~lisse; the products worked so well for her, she was nearly in tears when she told me how her skin responded.

To those of us who have skin that tends to be sensitive, these products are must-haves. I just ran out of the creamy cleanser which removed makeup and left my skin so soft. Pur~lisse combines blue lotus and white tea relying on Chinese beauty rituals but with a French influence.

I asked Jennifer a few questions to share with my Dollface readers.I always want to know the secrets of successful people, hoping to glean some insight and advice from them. You should know that Jennifer is as wonderful as her products! I have no doubt that Pur~lisse will continue to grow and grow during 2009!

What was the scariest part of creating your own line of products?
In the beginning, I was never scared to start creating pur~lisse, only excited. But now looking back, it was pretty scary. This may be the only time in my life that being naïve and idealistic actually got me somewhere.

Were you ever afraid of failure?
No. Because I have never worked for a cosmetics company (or any company), therefore I did not have the experience to understand the logistics, operations, risks and sacrifices of starting a company. I was completely naive and more excited than afraid. Now, four years into it, I fully understand how hard it is to be an entrepreneur and I have deep respect for all entrepreneurs.

How do you define success?
I define success: maintaining balance loving what you do (hopefully making money at it), being happy, loving relationships with family, time with friends and still have some time for yourself—to me that’s the ultimate success!

What is your greatest challenge?
Great challenge now is building on the momentum. We will be launching on QVC in April and this will be challenging as we are still a new brand. In addition, continuing to create innovative and effective products and making a difference in people’s life will always be a challenge!

What are some of the rules you live by- personally and professionally?
Personally: love and nuture family and friends. Be grateful for your health, family and friends!

Professionally: Be passionate and love what you do. And be grateful and good to the people who help support you. Creating the best skincare products possible, caring for your customers and have conscious!
Thank you Jennifer!
You can find out more about Jennifer and Pur~lisse by going to the website here.

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The lip product is amazing...and I'm sure I discovered reading Hello Dollface.

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