Friday, April 03, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

I used to think Antonio Sabato was cute but here he looks like he should be slipping behind the wheel of his Camaro, rocking out to a little Vanilla Ice while he drives down the Jersey Turnpike.

Well, we know what kind of facial product Valentino uses- self tanner! He's dangling on Donald Trump Coif territory.

Don't delay, order your Chuck Norris Action Jeans now!
These just make me laugh but think of the yoga you could do in these- they dont bind the legs.

Gwyneth Paltrow and kids. The babes look like husband Chris Martin.
I think you get to a certain age and ripped jeans are just a big no-no.

Teri Hatcher's daughter is adorable!
Teri still needs to eat carbs, I want to plump her up. She's spindly and spiderly.
Gwyn and Valentino. I like the shoes but think they are a bit unflattering.

Rachel McAdams looking monochromatic and monotone. But still gorgeous.
I'd love the dress in a different color.

Scarlett's head looks like it was photoshopped on to the body and I'm disturbed by the champagne glass between her toes. Gross!

Kate Moss totally denies being pregnant despite the fact her
belly is rounded and her boobs are bigger.

Was Marc Anthony trying to look like a prep school head master? He needs his topsiders. I used to have an LL Bean robe in that exact same plaid. Jen Lopez looks hot- great dress and shoes.

Wow, eyelashes! Carmen Electra is pretty but I like her with light makeup.

Emma Roberts is just the right age to date a Jonas Bro.

Alanis, you oughtta know
we can see everything when you stand in the sun!


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