Monday, April 06, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

I kind of like the dress and those fierce shoes! What has Jenny McCarthy been doing lately anyway?

White jeans are not a friend to everyone. Mostly they make people look like marshmallows but of course Cindy Crawford can pull off the look. Check out her son- her kids are so genetically blessed!

I like Cameron's outfit and her shoes. I always like her style. Check out the cutie in the tank top behind her!!

Rashida Jones, cute. Nicole Richie, cute with a baby bump. Samantha Ronson, making a face like she just pooped in her jeans. Why does she always make that face?

Dear Tori,
Please don't lose any more weight. You're dangling in the Teri Hatcher Skinny Zone. Now go eat at the Olive Garden. They have endless breadsticks. And you need the carbs!
Oh Houswives of Orange County, I've missed you! Of course the eye is drawn right to Gretchen, such a scene stealer in that boldly patterned dress!

You probably will never see Bethenny and Kelly standing next to each other and if you watch the show, you know why! I want to give Ramona a haircut and update her coif! Im thinking a blunt cut bob.

Whoa! Nicole Kidman, up close and personal! You can almost see where the botox was injected.

I like these Matthew McCongahoogy and Camile together. I'm not a fan of jeans at big events though. Or scuffed shoes. Only Johnny Depp can get away with that look!

Carrie Underwood, gorgeous. Talented. Great legs. Not fair!

Miley Cyrus...I like the dress but it needs a different shoe. Something jeweled and strappy. I would have had something hand crafted just for me!

Kellie Pickler is a mermaid with nude makeup!

Can't believe Taylor Swift is still a teenager! She's super talented and writes her own songs.

Leann Rimes is cute but I'd really like to see her with thinner and blonder bangs!

Gwen Stefani...gorgeous as always with her red lipstick!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jenny McCarthy has been scaring everyone into thinking thier kid has autism!!

12:15 AM  
Blogger PrincessGreen17 said...

Is something wrong with Nicole Kidman's upper lip?
I agree about Matthew's outfit. His girlfriend is SO skinny!
Very weird boobs on Kelly Pickler.
Leann's brows need to GO!
Is that a new picture of Gwen? She looks so good.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Gwen always looks gorgeous! Kelly's boobs look odd cos I think her dress is too tight for them - they are spilling out the top!

9:22 AM  
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