Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

I usually like Kate Hudson's style but I'm staying far away from wearing a ROMPER!

Ivanka Trump's legs may be orange and her fake boobs very big, but I like her. She's smart, has a good sense of humor and never spent too much time coasting by as a socialite with an agenda for parties and sleeping around.

Heidi Klum, pregnant with her fourth baby and wearing those shoes? Yikes, I'd be in slippers or Crocs.

Teeny MK Olsen. Cute outfit although I'm not doing handsprings for the belt.

Jennifer Love "size 2" Hewitt. I'm not sure how I feel about the dress. She has a classic body shape, womanly and curvy. I think Shoshana dresses cater to that body type.

I always love when this issue hits the stands, or rather, my mailbox. I think Christina Applegate is adorable, I love watching Samantha Who? I'd like to see People stay away from the obvious picks though- we KNOW Brad and Angelina are gorgeous, Halle Berry makes the list every year and if George Clooney is on there yet again, I'm going to flip my proverbial wig.

I like to see how Cameron Diaz is aging. Is that wrong? We're about the same age and I want to see her wrinkles. Her body is in amazing shape though and I've given birth to two kids, you do the math.

She's got a great style. I'd wear that outfit.

I want to hang out with Matthew McCongaoghyy. I can never spell his last name so let's leave it at that. He seems like he could come over with a six pack and be happy to shoot pool and throw darts and maybe play a little Rockband on the Wii. Bongos optional.

Kelly Ripa has such a cute family. Her kids are a great blend of her and her husband. They are all stunning. Is she in the pages of People's Most Beautiful?

Here's Tori Spelling at the LA Time Festival of Books. Last time I went there, I got into a fender-bender in the parking garage. People get mean behind the wheel of a car! Anyway, I want to read her book Mommywood.

Cute baby bump! Nicole Richie's big toe always hang over the edge of her flip flop. I think pregnant women are adorable!

Could Julianne Hough be any cuter? She's got a great personality, amazing body, she's a talented dancer and singer. I'm bummed that she won't be back on Dancing with the Stars next season. I like her outfit, above. And the dog!

I am overwhelmed with the desire to pick all the stray hairs off Jennifer Aniston's black tank top. I want to know if she really works out for three hours a day?

Jennifer Garner cleans up really well or else she has a very talented makeup artist! Here she is at the door of the Letterman show. Her hair and makeup look fabulous. I hope to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past this weekend. That's my kind of funny chick flick.

Not crazy about the dress but Eva Mendes is stunning. Hair and makeup look good, she can pull off any makeup colors because she has such a perfect complexion.


Anonymous Mia said...

Can't wait to read TOri's new book. I loved her other one.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous randigirl said...

wow, great celebrity
i love their hair styles, how about you

9:45 AM  
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