Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The exquisite Diamond Facial with Scott-Vincent Borba

My last and only facial took place six years ago. On a cruise to Alaska, I treated myself to a mini-facial. A variety of lovely eucalyptus scented potions were applied to my face by a young British girl who told me that my skin was dry. A nice experience but truthfully, I didn’t see a big difference in my skin afterwards. I wanted my face to glow, I expected to walk out looking twenty years old. Maybe twenty three. That didn’t happen.

Let me be clear- I’m not a fan of people touching my face. It took me a long time to be remotely comfortable going to the dentist. I have a friend who gets facials all the time but I rather take good care of my skin at home using anti-aging products and enforcing a strict no-sun policy. And ruthlessly extracting blackheads and pimples while scrutinizing my skin in a magnifying mirror.

When the opportunity arose for me to visit celebrity esthetician and neutraceutical genius Scott-Vincent Borba at his Woodland Hills office and under-go a HD Diamond Facial Peel, I said yes right away but secretly worried about what this would entail exactly. I imagined x-acto knives and smoking potions. I imagined myself leaving the office with angry, red, peeling skin and oversized sunglasses in the dead of night.

Scott-Vincent is in demand. His clientele is made up of celebrities who hire him to tend to their skin on movie and tv sets. Those big stars need their skin to be close-up ready at all times and he’s just the guy who can work a little magic.

Borba’s headquarters is hidden deep within Woodland Hills, a tricky spot to find. Once I arrived at the hallowed office, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I made it! I was immediately greeted and offered some Borba water to drink while I filled out a detailed questionnaire. Then I was swept into the treatment room, where The Facial would take place. Yes I was nervous. I took stock of the utensils lined up on a silver tray. Exactly what was he going to do?

Scott- Vincent, with his glowing skin (would you expect anything less?) and model good looks, came in to greet me and explain what was going to take place. This exclusive facial combines diamond dermabrasion with a gentle peel using liquid silver, micro-diamonds and elastin fiber technology.

I was surprised and happy because the entire facial was gentle to my sensitive skin and quite relaxing. Scott-Vincent used several tools combined with technology that I wouldn’t even know the first thing about trying to explain. I’d be hard pressed to remember all that went into treating my skin.

There were currents and electrons and penetration of solutions into the skin. Scott-Vincent pointed out all my skin flaws and recommended what I could do to remedy my unfortunate breakouts and hormone related skin issues. We chatted while he transformed my skin and I wasn’t as uncomfortable or nervous as I feared.

When the facial was over, I looked in the mirror amazed at the condition of my skin; clear, clean, and glowing. The real thrill was the next day when I applied my makeup and marveled at how smooth my skin appeared. I didn’t need as much makeup as usual, my under eye circles were gone and my pores, which are usually the size of pot holes, were nearly invisible.

The mild acne dotting my chin was undetectable. Was it a miracle? No, it was an HD facial! I can see how these would become totally addicting. Today, days later, my skin is still as clear as when I had the facial and I hesitate to use anything but Borba products to keep up with my perfect skin.

the famous Scott-Vincent and me

I’ve been faithfully using the Age Defying Discovery System which includes the Age Defying Micro-Diamond Facial, Age Defying Concentrate, Orbital Eye Rejuvenator, Age Defying Wrinkle Shield SPF 15 and Age Defying Wrinkle Repair. The products are soothing to the skin and I couldn’t pick a favorite because I like them all so much.

I wish I could have the HD facials every month like a true diva. I want my skin to always look this clear! The good news is that Scott-Vincent created the HD Illuminating Plasma Crystals Diamond Dermabrasion Peel Treatment. A two step at home treatment , it consists of Silver Plasma Technology as well as micro-diamonds. Here’s how it works: first apply the Plasma Crystals to skin, then add a bit of the Plasma Activator. Let it stay on for a few minutes, massage into skin and rinse off. Skin texture is improved, pore size diminished, dead skin is sloughed off and you are left with softened, brighter skin! The HD Illuniminating Light Effects Serum brightens skin by utilizing Silver Plasma technology. Perfect for those close ups! Or trips to the grocery store and soccer games, as is the case for me.

Scott-Vincent is so smart and savvy for engineering these inside-out health/beauty products. I think of him as a pioneer in the area of neutraceuticals and skin care. He started with nothing and is building an empire which includes the Borba water, a variety of skin care products, snacks and more. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he had multiple book deals, tv shows, and maybe Borba stores in major cities? Hmmmm.

take it in- the sweeping view from Borba's windows

Scott-Vincent is very kind, humble and the kind of person you’d be lucky to have as a friend. I always like to know if celebrities are nice, I like hearing that there are decent people in the public eye. And Scott-Vincent is one of those people who is truly nice! He does a lot of work with Covenant House, a “privately-funded agency in the Americas providing shelter and other services to homeless, runaway and throwaway youth.” A worthwhile cause.

I will continue eating my Borba Gummi Bears and drinking the Aqua-less Crystallines, using the age defying products and carefully watching what other products launch. You will find me staring at myself in the mirror, not quite believing that my skin can look this good, praying the results last for a long, long time!

For all things Borba, click here.

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Blogger Kristin said...

I read about the "diamond" facial on another blog and was wondering if it was worth the cost. I might just have to try out the at home version!

12:10 PM  
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