Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Here's to your health and beauty... Drink up!

Glowelle is a delicious nutrient packed beverage that feeds your body and skin. Glowelle contains antioxidant nutrients, botanicals and fruit extracts but no artificial sweeteners which is important to me. Glowelle comes in ready mixed or powdered form. I use the powder and all you have to do is pour the packet into water or juice, shake it up and you are good to go.

I make smoothies out of the packets, blending cranberry juice, strawberries and ice for a nutrient rich treat in the afternoon. You can add orange juice, or yogurt, mixed berries, cherries, and blend well to create special treat that is super healthy. Even my kids like Glowelle! Glowelle feeds the body and skin from the inside out, perking up dull, tired skin. Its delicious and its good for you, a very important combination!

I've been drinking the Raspberry/Jasmine flavor pictured above. It contains Antioxidant-rich vitamin A, C and E with goji berries, green and white tea extracts. You can't beat that! My skin is smooth and clear and I know I'm getting lots of nutrients by drinking it. For more information click here.

healthDropz are conveniently packaged in a tube the size of lipstick. You simply add a few drops to your water to get loads of benefits. healthDropz comes in a few different varieties- Energy, Focus and Green Tea. They contain a concentrated mix of vitamins, herbs and natural ingredients.

The other day I was so tired in the afternoon so I added a couple drops of the Energy formula to my water and I was wide awake into the night. I've been using the Focus drops since I feel like I'm walking in a cloud. You only need six little drops to reap the benefits.

Here are some details you need to know:

Energy drops do not contain sugar but do have tiny bits of caffiene, amino acid taruine and B vitamins.

Focus drops give you B6 along with other nutrients that help you snap to attention.

Green Tea provides you with the anti-oxidants found in green tea in concentrated drops. Instead of drinking six cups of green tea, add these drops into your water or tea for maximum benefits.

What I like about the drops is that they are virtually flavorless and mix instantly. I've been adding them to my bottled water for an instant elixir! For more information or to order, click here. These are great to have on hand for when you're feeling sluggish. I think I need a steady drip of Energy drops when I get up in the morning!

My post wouldn't be complete with out mentioning Scott- Vincent Borba. He created all kinds of interesting beautifying products like the Crystalline packets. You add the packets to water, shake it up and make what I call a "beauty drink".

I love drinking my water when I add some of Borba's Aqua-less Crystallines. They come in different flavors and address different skin issues like Acai Berry /Age Defying, Clarifying/Pomegranate, Guanabana/Skin Firming, and Lychee Fruit/Replenishing. You can buy the packets and add water or buy the already mixed waters which are superb! I love the Lychee flavor. In the summer, you could freeze the drinks and eat them as popsicles or make ice cubes to drop in your water.

Also noteworthy and beyond delicious is the Gummy Bears which I've mentioned before. I was eating these like candy a while back and my skin looked terrific. It's time for me to replenish my stash! For more on Borba's empire of beauty water and more, click here.

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Blogger Goji Berry said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful information about goji berry with us. With all this buzz about superfriuts flying around I feel it is very important for us to know in detail what we consume. Looking forward to see more posts like this from you.

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Anonymous Glowelle Beauty Drink said...

Thanks very much for your great review! We like smoothies made with Glowelle too. What's your favorite recipe?

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