Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jouer Cosmetics

Jouer Cosmetics comes to us from Christina Zilber who set out to design cosmetics that snap together giving beauty lovers the ability to make custom palettes. All products connect for easy transport or just to keep the products together in a neat way. What began as a small line of makeup with a huge following has blossomed into a full luxury collection of beautiful cosmetics.

The Spring collection was inspired by what Christina saw on the runways of Paris. Classic, soft and flattering colors remind me of Monet's water lilies. The shades are soft and flattering. I tried the new eye shadow colors of Chestnut Powder Eyeshadow and Peach Powder Eyeshadow, two shades that work beautifully together. I'm all about peach this season so I loved the color, the Chestnut is ideal for my blue eyes. I can apply with a wet brush to use as an eyeliner which makes color last. The finely milled powder is so soft and you only need a small amount of color.
I love lip glosses and when they are pale pink and give off a lovely shine, I'm in heaven! This Blush Moisturizing Lipgloss is one of my favorite colors. It contains vitamins A, C and E plus Pomegranate seed oil. This one's a keeper! Two thumbs up for the color, consistency and texture.

I don't wear a lot of lipsticks, not when there are so many great glosses available. But with the Kiki Hydrating Lipstick, I've changed my ways. This nude-pink lipstick is the ideal color especially with a swipe of Blush gloss over it! The lipstick is very soft and creamy and doesn't make my lips feel dry as some lipsticks do. Maybe that's because this product contains Cupuacu Butter, an ingredient from Brazil!

Also noteworthy is the Rose Pale Lip Definer, a pale pink that glides on lips creating subtle definition. The lip liner is made with jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamins A and E. This lipliner is such a great, flattering color especially when used with the lipstick and gloss I've mentioned here.
I'm so impressed with this line, both the colors available and the great consistency of the products. The fact that the products snap together is quite inventive! You can try the colors on different models and see what they look like here. I love playing around! Head over to Jouer and see all they have to offer.



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