Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New and fabulous from Yves St. Laurent

Pur Gloss was given an O-Award from Oprah herself. Because the gloss is just that good! Super shine but no stickiness, no tackiness. Gorgeous colors like my favorites, Pur Rose and Pur Fuschia which I wear alone or mix together for a great shade of pink. I've long been a fan of YSL mascara and their entire line of Pur Shine lipsticks. The colors, texture, everything about these products is divine and perfect.
I expected this Automatic Easy Eyeliner to be difficult to use. I imagined I'd really have to pull my eyelid to properly apply this pen liner. But no..its like a thin paintbrush which enables you to get really close to the lashline. Color leaks out in just the right amount. It also lasts all day which I love. I apply a little eyeshadow then line my lash line with this awesome pen. Add a touch of mascara. And there you go, less than five minutes- actually, less than two, and my eyes are complete for the day.
For more of this brand, click here. Check out the bright blue eye shadow on the landing page, I want that look!



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