Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker ~ The Lovely Collection

These three fragrances by Sarah Jessica Parker- Dawn, Endless, Twilight- are housed in pretty glass bottles in floral pastel colors, they go together like a set although the fragrances are different. The scents get progressively complex as day turns into night but don't fear- they aren't overly "perfumey" or too strong. Each is subtle, classy and elegant.

Start the day with Dawn, a clean scent and also my favorite! Dawn contains notes of citrus, violet, musks and vanilla. It's fresh and light, ideal for every day.

Morning gives way to the afternoon and it's time to amp up the scent. Endless is a mix of red apple, ivy leaves- stop right there, this sounds like autumn weather!-with peony, clove, chamomile. It's a little fancier than Dawn. I'd wear this to a business meeting or maybe a luncheon.

As we move into evening, the mood changes and its time for a scent that packs a more serious punch! Twilight is created from a combination of pink pepper, bergamot, jasmine, peony, sandalwood, this is a scent for a serious evening! Wear it to a fancy dinner at Nobu, a date, a night out on the town!

For more information on The Lovely Collection, please go here!

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