Saturday, May 30, 2009

Byron and Tracey Salon Event, Beverly Hills

Poppy Montgomery and Molly Stern. Poppy played Marilyn Monroe in a tv movie years ago. I had to use self control to not accost her. Molly is a famous makeup artist who has worked with the biggest names in the industry.

My new BFF Toby Fleischman. Remember a few months ago when I posted Evan Rachel Wood's amazing looks on the red carpet? Toby is the one who is responsible for the flawless skin and beautifully done makeup. She's so fantastic! I seriously wanted to hang out all day with her. She applied false eyelashes and retouched my makeup. I need her with me for all my red carpet events.

My sunglasses were falling apart so I was very grateful to pick up a pair of these Carerra sunglasses.

I am always excited and honored when I get invited to an event. In this case, I had two events to attend on Thursday. The night before any event I stress about what to wear. I’m so neurotic that this is how it usually plays out:

I stand in my closet, trying on a variety of outfits. I can’t wear a particular skirt or dress with my high heels because the heels give me blisters. But my legs need the heels so they don’t look like stumps. Scratch the dress/skirt. I could wear a sleeveless shirt but I have a mosquito bite on my arm. Are my upper arms flabby? Maybe I should go with long sleeves. But its supposed to be in the 80’s. I could wear a light jacket…but don’t want to get stuck carrying it if I’m too hot…

Do you see my dilemma? The stress! Really, as if anyone really cares what I'm wearing? They don't.

The Byron and Tracey Salon is located in Beverly Hills, one of my favorite places where the streets are paved with gold and diamond dust glitters in the California sunshine. Where ever you look, celebrities are strolling up and down the streets, smiling their thousand dollar smiles. Okay, not really. But the grass is a verdant green and the trees are very tall and when I see the Beverly Hills hotel, surrounded by skinny palms, my heart swells a bit in my chest.

The salon is very glam and lovely and all white. Modern and clean, its a beautiful place. Bursts of flowers and Cover Girl cosmetics were artfully displayed. Chic girls and boys ushered in clients and guests while I stood in the entrance, taking it all in. My friend was swept off to get her hair done while I went into the courtyard and stared at Poppy Montgomery who was next to me. We drank Alize cocktails, tried on Carerra sunglasses, stopped by the Express table. I say that like we were actually together which clearly we were not. By the way, she’s gorgeous. I was so proud that I didn’t actually blurt out something embarrassing like I usually do when I see a celeb.

When I went back inside the salon, not the least bit tipsy from downing cocktails at 11am, I was introduced to Molly Stern and Toby Fleischman. I was so excited to have my makeup touched up by Toby and indulge in some girly chit-chat with her. I could have spent all day hanging out with her. I spotted Amy Smart getting her roots done, Poppy was getting a little color touch-up and there were a variety of starlets floating around. I cant keep up with the new crop of actresses. They are all super young and hot and wear tiny shorts and high heels and make me feel like an aging, flabby, dork. I’m so glad I’m a writer, not an actress. The insecurity would kill me.

Toby used Cover Girl cosmetics and I loved the lip stain. They don’t just come in red, there’s a nice variety of shades to choose from. Toby gave me the tip to use a smidge of the long lasting stain on my cheeks…ahhh! The color will last all day! She used dark eyelash glue and individual lashes on my eyes, dabbed on a bit of the new Cover Girl-Olay foundation.. Oh and she gave me a new Lash Blast mascara which excited me. You can’t beat a good drugstore mascara like this one.

Sadly my time at the Bryon and Tracey salon came to an end although I didn’t want to leave. As I was about to exit the salon, a black SUV with tinted windows rolled up. The cluster of paparazzi outside the door assumed the position, crouching and leaning and yelling, flashbulbs going off like fireworks. A tiny, makeup less Nicole Richie was quickly ushered inside as if she were the Pope. She didn’t stop, didn’t pause, didn’t make eye contact. She just kept walking quickly through the salon like she knew exactly where she was going. Everyone parted like the Red Sea as she sailed by.

Just another day in the life of a celebrity.


Anonymous Lil said...

Ah, I wish I was invited to these types of events. Sounds like a lot of fun!

11:43 PM  
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did you know that molly r. stern is howard k. stern's relative?

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