Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Caroline & Leora go to The Makeup Show

When I put the call out for readers to win tickets to The Makeup Show in NYC, I received a fantastic response. My dear pal Caroline Leavitt (she is a brilliant writer. Go read all of her novels! Right now! After you read my blog.) lives close to Manhattan and offered to write about her experience. Another awesome writer, Leora Skolkin- Smith went along for the ride and in the picture below, she's getting made up. Made over?

Early yesterday evening, Caroline emailed me not only the pictures here but also a report on the show. She must have walked in the door from her busy day and started typing away. Well, that's what writers do. And some writers love makeup. Like Caroline. And me.

The Makeup Show, New York City
By Caroline Leavitt

Take two novelists who can be a little haphazard about mascara, let alone remembering to moisturize at night, and put them in a huge pavilion filled with every make-up you can imagine, and what do you have? Two deliriously happy women in the midst of New York City’s The Make-Up Show, the two-day event in the heart of Chelsea, featuring exhibitors from old faves like MAC to new notables (at least to us) like Koh Gen Do. Held in the Metropolitan Pavilion (think, huge, sun-dappled loft), the event was a product junky’s dream. While the free samples were to be found ONLY at one corner (we snagged luscious colors of eyeliner and lip gloss), every booth was offering deals on everything from good-for-you Pencil Me In eyeliners (we each bought one) to gorgeously natural concealers from Senna (okay, we bought a lot from Senna, too).

I’ve never had my makeup down by anyone in the department stores, but somehow, here, it was a siren song we couldn’t resist. Yep, we both had our make-up done at Becca (that’s a photograph of Leora Skolkin-Smith, author of Edges, which is in film production right now, getting her new look. ) and I was thrilled at how natural it looked. Best of all, writers that we are, we began peppering the make-up people with questions and learned that one of them had been a cop in the Bronx before giving it up to sell the Becca line—and she even had a photo of herself in uniform to prove it! Although we were too giddy to sit still long enough for the seminars (I wanted to see Extreme Eye Design and The Art of Brown), we did see a model getting a rosy skin tone spray painted on, and another, (see photo) being outrageously made up in stage make-up.

When we left, my wallet was just about empty, but we were thrilled. I can’t wait for the next show, but psst…make-up show people, please, please, how about more free samples? Or gifts with purchases?

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