Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Poor Victoria Beckham, too weak and feeble to hold her own umbrella. Is that guys official job description "Umbrella Holder" ?

I thought about getting shoes like the ones Reese Witherspoon is wearing but on second thought, they might make my feet look like Clydesdale hooves.

Oh wow, Kelly Ripa is even more ripped than I thought. She could be Madonna's body double! Im happy when I see a celeb without big breast implants. Yeah Kelly! Now go eat.

I feel bad for all the negative publicity surrounding Jon and Kate. I love their show and their kids are so cute. But oh how I dislike her hairstyle. If she grows out the back to match the front, all their problems will go away. Is it a Reverse Mullet? Long in the front, short in the back.

Julia Roberts has a real woman's body! Not crazy skinny, not completely muscular...she's normal!

YES Jennifer Aniston's dress is awesome. The tights are nice with it. I would have chosen black spiky heels over the suede shoes.

When Elisabeth Hasselbeck goes away on maternity leave, I'd like to step in as co-host! I think that would be a blast.

Diane Kruger knows how to dress unfortunately, Joshua Jackson does not. His tap dancing shoes and stripped socks plus wrinkly shirt, it simply doesn't work for me!


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