Friday, May 08, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

This classy gal is named Ciara. She might be a singer or act on something like Gossip Girls. I don't know. Im kind of out of touch with the young people these days. You have to look twice to make sure that's not a red python around her neck. Are those modified MC Hammer pants?

Rihanna has an interesting fashion sense. I can totally see Adam Lambert wearing the boots and ring next week on American Idol! Maybe even the shirt. And I think he's been copying the hair and makeup all this time. No lie.

I used to turn my nose up at country music, equating it with hillbillies, banjos, and crying into a mug of cheap beer. But then I heard Taylor Swift and I changed my tune! I love this young girl's music. And my daughter can listen to Taylor's music and watch her videos and I don't have to worry about her turning into a mini stripper.

I try not to be envious over people but c'mon. Sh'mon. Didn't she just jet over to Italy with Jake? And now back in LA, Reese Witherspoon is strolling the boulevard for cute clothes and trendy shoes. Isn't that the life?

Rachael Ray must have had face work done. I spy a bit of a difference in her brow and eyes. Don't deny! We need some before and afters so we can make our official determination, stat!

Oh dear. I usually love Kate Hudson's bohemian style, her loose curls, her natural makeup. But here, not so much. I've learned over the years to dress for my body type. Anything shapeless and loose makes me look...well, like Kate in this picture.

Megan Fox, walking in her jeans which really need to be hemmed. I like the hat. I'm a big fan of hats to keep the sun out of my face and to hide my hair on those all too frequent bad hair days.

The lady in the background needs some Sunsilk Captivating Curls product (see my review below!). Nicole Kidman's little baby is so cute. I'm not wild over the name Sunday though.
Do you think they call her Sunny for short? I can get on board with that name.

You know how Jewel always had that endearing snaggle tooth? I think she's in the process of putting it in line with her other teeth. I don't approve. I loved that imperfection about her! I saw her in person and let me tell you, photos don't do her justice. She's gorgeous! Not many people can wear the shorts she's got on in this picture.

Hmmmm. A very pensive looking Jessica Alba. I like the purple nail polish.

You know my feelings about Ivanka Trump don't you? She's super smart and pretty. I'm trying to figure out if she had a nose job. While I ponder that, lets discuss how she needs to let up on the tanning lotion. Her legs are as orange as the brass fixtures in her father's penthouse!

If I woke up tomorrow looking like Gisele Bunchen's twin, I'd be ecstatic!

Either Charlize is really tall or Jada is very short. Charlize can do no wrong, I think she is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

I want to see Cameron Diaz in person. It's just a personal goal that I have set for myself. I realize I'm setting the bar high but I have to have a little something to reach for, you know?

Gorgeous! If anything, I'll just take her hair and be happy. And her boobs. And body.


Blogger Sunkyung Shin said...

Giselle has a fraternal twin sister, I think. And Charlize Theron is really tall (I think around 6 ft) and Jada Pinkett is really petite (around 5ft or less). I think they are both perfect in their own way :)

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Tea said...

I like Giselle she is really pretty.

8:27 AM  
Blogger PrincessGreen17 said...

I have always thought Jewel was so gorgeous. I loved her snaggle tooth too! It made her "her."
I think Racheal Ray is stunning!

12:05 PM  

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