Friday, May 15, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

Kate Gosselin before and after. What a difference some highlights and Ann Taylor clothes make! I remember when I was little and my mom took me for haircuts. She'd said to the hairdresser, "Can you give her a Dorothy Hamill?" Do you think people go into Fantastic Sam's and ask for the "Gosselin Mullet" ?
Gorgeous. Cameron Diaz has such an amazing body! I'm looking in my mirror and crying. Wish I looked that good. *sob*
This is adorable. Can you imagine having Matthew McConahoogy (can't spell it) as your father? Life is one big bongo-beating party! Levi is so cute.
Oh no, Mariah. Those colors are fine for kids under age six but...I think the shoes push it over the top. Even Hello Kitty is frowning. The only thing that would save this outfit is a unicorn pin made of fairy dust and diamonds.

Justin and Jessica, the couple that runs together...I don't know. Stays fit together? Breaks up soon? Ignores each other because they are listening to their ipods?

If Victoria Beckham gets too tired to walk on her stick insect legs, she can double over and stuff herself in that giant bag. The cap belongs on a British taxi cab driver.

Can't get enough of Aniston! Just kidding. I always love her clothes and hair.

Normally I wouldn't post photos of these two reality clowns but I like her dress and silver accessories. Except that one accessory with the blonde fuzzy hair.

The Seal n' Heidi entourage. Kids, nannies, a grandma or two, these two travel in a pack. Like stylish wolves.

Eva Longoria, pretty hair and makeup. The dress reminds me of a mosaic birdbath my friend has on her porch.

I always get this chick confused with Elizabeth Berkely. Shannon Elizabeth and boyfriend Derek Hough. I hope he ends up starring in the remake of Footloose. This boy can dance but can he act?

Did you know that Courteney Cox Arquette and Isla Fischer were friends? They are. Now consider yourself in the know!

Rumor has it that Pete and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz have another emo bun in the oven. Time will know how the rumors fly when someone eats a bagel and has a slight bloat.

Amanda Bynes is looking cute and sexy! She's young and pretty, has a great body- why not rock the tiny dress before she hits her thirties and battles cellulite, pops out a couple of kids then has a tummy pooch?
Not that...uh, I'm speaking from experience or anything.


OpenID agirlsgottaspa said...

Cindy--this post cracked me up today!

10:25 PM  
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