Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daily Dollfaces

I like the silver bullet color of the dress but when gowns are not even all the way around, it makes me unsettled. The sartorial equivalent of a mullet? And when is Hilary Swank's movie about Amelia Earhart going to be released? Ive been waiting forever to see it!

I've seen her up close and in person and she's GORGEOUS. Rachel Wiesz is elegant and super pretty.
Beautiful! Kelly Ripa is glowing in a lovely strapless dress. With all the hours she spends on those arms in the gym, of course she's going to show them off. Welcome to the gun show. Nice hair too!
There's a whole set of photos with Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. She does not appear to be wearing a bra in any of them. I'd like to suggest friendly nipple covers. Or perhaps the Victoria's Secret Seven Way Bra which I have my eye on. Even with my tiny chest I refuse to go unsupported.

I think Ashlee Simpson is so pretty. There's one nose job that I give my two thumbs up and a gold star.

I read somewhere that Jessica Biel is frustrated. Apparently, she's so beautiful that no one wants to hire her. I hope that was taken way out of context. Oh Jessica, cry me a river!
Do you think she had her nose done? Every time I see it, I think how sculpted it appears.

Diane Kruger is one to watch! She always looks amazing, wears incredible clothes, and I wonder if she has a stylist or natural fashion sense?

Love the big hair! How very "Jersey girl" of Drew Barrymore.
I kind of dig the turquoise eyeliner, especially with the purple shirt.

Yes! Love the white hat and shirt with the contrasting brown bag. I recently saw a trailer for Cameron Diaz's new movie, My Sister's Keeper. The book by Jodi Picoult was amazing. I have high hopes for the movie. And rumor has it that Cam is now dating Maroon 5's Adam Levine. She just skips from boy to boy to boy. She's dated half of Hollywood.

Next up? Jack Nicholson!

If I were to try pulling off red lipstick, hair off my face, pale pink gown, and barely any eye makeup I'd look sick. But Angelina, she can do no wrong. With that being said, I think some side swept bangs could do her some good.

Awesome shoes. I wonder if they were made to match her gown? Remember going to the prom and having shoes dyed to match your dress? How very senior prom of Angelina! Brad's attractive but I never got all crazy and googly eyed over him. I could give or take him...well, I'd take his money.

Billy Joel's daughter, Alexa Ray. She's super cute and I like her style, especially the hair do!

I suppose if the paparazzi were following me all the time, I wouldn't smile much either. Jessica Alba hardly ever cracks a grin. I like her whole ensemble from the hat to the shoes. Just wish she'd smile!

I don't see the problem here. Pamela Anderson models the exact outfit I wear to pick up the kids from school every day. Except my hair is bigger.

Katy Perry. I don't even know what to say. Ummm, she has big boobs?

Tiny Eva Longoria and her giant fishtail dress. Oh, that's the secret to looking thinner, wearing something huge and flaring on the bottom! Maybe those southern belles with their large hoop skirts had a good idea.

Yup, this is pretty much how I look every day. Like I've been on a bender inside a meth lab with Tara Reid. I blame it on my dog waking me every night at 2 am plus my hair needs to be cut and I'm getting old.


Blogger LissyLou said...

Rachel weiz looks so elegant, love the emerald green on her. x

4:00 AM  
Blogger PrincessGreen17 said...

Um, is Angelina showing enough leg? Good lord, mom of 7 or however many. I laughed at Jessica Biel, no one is hiring her b/c she doesn't have any TALENT. There people who are much, much more gorgeous than her who are working!

3:15 PM  

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