Monday, May 18, 2009

DDF Skincare

DDF Retinol Energizing Moisturizer combines Vitamin A with Omega 3 acids to aid skin in retaining firmness while giving skin a brighter appearance. I use this every other night and love it. It doesn't clog pores and is light, rather than heavy or greasy on the skin. It doesn't stain my pillow case and absorbs quickly.

I use an amount about the size of a penny- maybe a bit more, and that covers my face and neck. Any extra and I smooth it over my hands and chest. Another product that I've been using is the Glycolic Exfoliating Wash, found here. It smells really nice, leaves the face clean but not tight and also helps clear out the pores so they look smaller. Note to self- I need more!

Not only does the product look super cool and space age in the clear bottle but it addresses two of my concerns: wrinkles and pore size! This DDF Wrinkle Resist Pore Minimizer is a smooth lotion that I use as a primer. Since it has that silky consistency, I find that my makeup glides on over this, acting as not only a wrinkle fighter and pore reducer but as a canvas on which to heap my foundation, concealer and everything else I use.

This product helps skin stay hydrated but somehow reduces pore size. If they could somehow include a sunscreen in here, I wouldn't need anything else! For all your DDF Skincare needs, please click here!

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