Monday, May 11, 2009

How I Used Avene Today

Meet Lola, my 110 pound Great Dane. Whenever I pull her leash out of the drawer, she cannot control her excitement and sprints through the house, running up and down the stairs like she won the doggie lottery. I have to wait for her to calm down before fastening the leash around her neck. Once we set out on our morning constitutional, her tail darts into the air like an antennae because she's so deliriously happy. She loves to trot along the dirt path and pee on every bush, scope out wild bunnies, and smell the smorgasbord of animals who have walked before her.

This morning was like any other. Normally she's good on the leash and doesn't jerk or pull me. However, a snarling mongrel got Lola's attention. Yanking the leash, Lola took off like a racehorse at the Kentucky Derby, causing me to fly into the air and land with a giant THUD. I think my tail bone might be split in two. My arm got the brunt of the fall and it is torn up like old jeans and full of sand and gravel. My hand has a penny sized gash that was gushing blood. Nothing makes me woozy like the site of my own blood coated injury. Except when my kids throw up, but that's another story.

I used every swear word known in the English language, maybe even some in Spanish. If I were younger, I would have dissolved into a fit of tears and called for my mother. I was mad, upset, in pain, full of fury directed towards Lola and that dumb brindle colored dog who excited her in the first place! And there he stood, all smug-like and staring at me as I lay on the ground.

At the moment, my arm looks like I used a cheese grater up and down it, but luckily I had the Avene Cicalfate Skin Cream close at hand! After I generously poured peroxide on my wounds, I applied this cream.

The Cicalfate Skin Cream contains Copper sulfate, Zinc sulfate, Zinc oxide and prevents infection, it assists in healing the skin. The Cicalfate cream an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial product. In other words, my scenario was perfect for using the Avene cream.
And I now have the cream up and down my arm. The once-stinging skin that was making my stomach clench in pain is now soothed. I will absolutely be using this every day until my poor grated skin is healed.
Another product by Avene you need to know about is the Avene Tolerance Extreme. It soothes sensitive skin and listen up all of you going under the knife- its ideal for post-surgery skin! Tolerance Extreme is very gentle and is free of all known allergens. It absorbs fast with no greasy residue and can be used on the face and neck. Or all over. Because its that gentle.

Tolerance Extreme can be used on skin that has undergone:
Chemical peels
Laser light therapy
Skin injection treatments
Cosmetic surgery

Or if you happen to have allergic, hypersensitive skin, this product is for you. If I end up having my surgery, which I hope I do, I will be using this every day at the incision site for sure! For more information, please go here.