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Talking with Dawn Meehan, Mom2my6pack!

I met Dawn Meehan last October at the Glamour Reel Moments event. We got together for dinner (along with fabulous Liz from This Full House) and hit it off over spinach dip and cocktails. I think Dawn spilled something on her shirt...I know one of us dropped a fork. It was a bonding moment nevertheless.

Anyway, I'm so happy to have met Dawn, a very popular blogger with a new book on the shelves. Because I Said So will make you laugh out loud! I was prepared for it to be funny but truly it will make you snort, giggle, chuckle and LOL. Dawn's website sees thousands of visitors every day, every time I read her Facebook or Twitter status, she's jetting off here and there. This mom is on the GO. And with six kids....I think Dawn uses humor as a way to cope with the craziness that is her life. Either that or she's secretly got an extra set of hands hidden somewhere. She's a wonder woman, really. Warm and funny and kind, just don't throw up in front of her, she can't handle it.

Buy the book! Read the blog! Tell her Cindy sent you.

Dawn, you have a Hottest Mommy Blogger badge on your website. How does it feel to know that you’re considered a hot mom blogger?

I've known for years that I'm a hot mom blogger... what? Ohhh, you're not talking about hot flashes? Well then, I have no idea how I was nominated for that!

Are you a Jonas Brothers fan? Lets go ahead and call them the Jo Bros. Are you more of a Hannah Montana kind of gal?

Jo Bros hands down!

You received all kinds of fame and accolades from your blog. Now with the book surely your fame quotient will skyrocket. Was this all in your master plan or did it just kind of unfold unexpectedly?

I don't make any master plans anymore because when I do, I believe God likes to teach me a lesson on who really makes the plans. For example, my husband and I planned on having two kids. God's still laughing over that one.

Were you the kind of kid to dream about fame? Let me point out how we rubbed shoulders with Ashton and Demi back in October. And didn’t you touch Matthew Perry too?

LOL! I'll have you know that I rubbed up against my good friend Matt at least a dozen times until that unfortunate event with security. But nope, I didn't (and still don't) dream of fame.

What were you like as a child? Which one of your kids is most like you?

All of my kids have some of my personality traits, but I think Austin is most like me. He's a really smart kid, but he just doesn't care about proving it to anyone <---read he doesn't like to do homework. I call my parents up frequently and apologize for my teenage years.

You’ve been blogging and writing and doing interviews and traveling and attending conventions, how to do you balance it all without going absolutely insane? Or are you secretly crazy, hmmmm?


If you were to have a day all to yourself with $500 in your pocket, how would you spend the day and the cash?

It would probably be inappropriate to say, "I'd buy a one-way ticket to The Bahamas, plunk my butt down on the beach, and spend the rest on rum", wouldn't it? How about, "I'd gather up some of my BFFs and head to the spa for some pampering and then out to dinner with plenty of rum"?

Do you watch shows about raising kids, like Jon & Kate Plus 8 or the Duggars with their 18 kids? Would you ever agree to your own reality show like “Octomom"?

I really don't watch much tv at all and when I get the chance to sit down and watch, I sure don't turn on reality shows. I get enough reality right here thankyouverymuch. And oh heck no, I wouldn't be interested in having my own reality show.

What do you want people to know about you?

That I really have a taste for Swedish fish right now.

And what's next for the Hot Mommy Blogger otherwise known as Mom2my6pack?

Next on my list is cleaning my kitchen floor because Clay and Brooklyn squirted chocolate syrup all over it this morning when pouring glasses of milk for themselves. (I don't ask anymore.)
After that, I need to do some work on my book about pregnancy scheduled to be out next spring.

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OpenID ThisFullHouse said...

Great interview, Cindy -- you ask the best questions -- I had such a great time WALKING THE RED CARPET last year :) You and Dawn are such great people to be around and I feel very lucky to know the both of you.

9:13 PM  

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