Wednesday, May 06, 2009


gloMinerals gloRoyal lip crayons are pretty awesome. They are soft but not crumbly like some crayons can be when you apply them. The gloRoyal lip crayons provide moisture and feel great on the lips. You can easily sharpen these and are perfect for on the go! The colors are ideal for spring and summer!
Yes its written in all caps because this gloss hasn't left my side! I LOVE IT. Love the texture, the color (Sheer Berry) the fact that it makes my lips shiny and puffy. I love the little spicy tingle that I get when I apply it (liberally). While alone in the car going no place special, I reapplied it several times then admired my glowing pout in the rearview mirror. That's what its there for, right? gloMinerals gloLip Plumper works by engaging "Marine Collagen Atelocollgen, spheres work to plump lips by trapping water and swelling, thus providing volume to the skin's structures."

Go here to find more gloMinerals products. I now want a bunch of gloMinerals glosses and all the lip plumpers available.



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